GARDNER ALE HOUSE announces plans to distribute beer UNDER MOON HILL BREWING Company name

Tap Takeover At The Columbia Tavern In Leominster, Thursday, December 15th

The brewery at the Gardner Ale House is announcing plans to distribute beer outside the Ale House under the parent company’s name, Moon Hill Brewing Co. Inc.  Owner Rick Walton said that when he started Moon Hill Brewing Co. in 2005, it was intended to be the corporate umbrella for the Gardner Ale House and any other enterprises involving food and beverage that presented themselves.  “We now find ourselves able to distribute our beer and that will be our next enterprise,” Walton said.

Moon Hill already has a tap dispensing its “Packie Run” Session IPA at The Columbia Tavern in Leominster.  And now, as a Grand Opening Event, Moon Hill Brewing is taking over all the taps at The Columbia Tavern on Thursday, December 15th, from 6 PM till closing.  Mr. Walton said that “A tap takeover is a traditional marketing activity in the craft brewing world.  Basically, a venue, like The Columbia Tavern, will agree to pour beers from only one brewery for a given amount of time.”  Mr. Walton summed it up by saying “The tap takeover event is being used as our Grand Opening for Moon Hill Brewing Co.’s new effort at distribution.  Right now there are only two places you can find Moon Hill beers: At the Gardner Ale House and now at The Columbia Tavern in Leominster.  Please join us at The Columbia Tavern next Thursday!”