SBA Emerging Leaders Thrive – Recruitment of 25 Greater Worcester Small Businesses for the 2024 Cohort

The MA SBA will have two cohorts for the Emerging Leaders Thrive program  – one in Greater Worcester/surrounding communities and also Greater Boston. They need 25 businesses for each for a total of 50 businesses. SBA underwrites 100% of the cost of this program and it is free to the entrepreneur. To be eligible, the business must be at least 2-3 years old, have one employee, and have revenues in excess of $250K. The program is not for start ups and is for businesses that are committed to the growth of their business.

Over the course of six months, there will be 8 in person sessions but the in person is augmented with virtual sessions and small group discussions. Modules during the curriculum cover all aspects of successfully running a small business and a number of SME’s will be introduced to the participants, both nationally and locally. Both cohorts will be covered by the same instructor from last year who is the reason why the MA office decided to up our commitment to two cohorts and bring the program back to central MA again this year. The end product the small business achieves as a result of their participation is a growth and action plan that they develop.

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