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MWCC Celebrates Achievements of Largest Dual Enrollment Graduating Class

Pathways grad Joseph Williams of Leominster Aspiring doctors, nurses, physicists, teachers and police officers, as well as many teenagers who are the first in their families to attend college, are among the largest dual enrollment graduating class at MWCC.

This year’s graduates of the Pathways Early College Innovation School and the Gateway to College program were recognized during a May 20 ceremony at MWCC. The dual enrollment programs, offered in partnership with the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District, as well as Athol High School, allow students to use school choice funding to earn their high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credits, an academic certificate, or an associate degree.

With 73 graduates from 26 towns and cities this year, the graduating class is the largest ever at MWCC. This year also marked the 10th graduating class of the Gateways program and the fifth Pathways graduating class.

MWCC President Daniel Asquino was the featured speaker, sharing personal anecdotes with the students and the hundreds of family members and friends gathered for the occasion.

When told as a child he couldn’t play sports because he was born with a disability, he persevered until he could. When told he didn’t swim well enough to become a lifeguard, he self-trained and not only became a lifeguard, but rescued three people who were clinging together for survival amid a rough surf.

When told by a high school guidance counselor he “wasn’t college material” he served the country in the Navy, then went on to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree while simultaneously working and raising a family on modest means. When he wanted to become a college president, he was told he couldn’t because he was on the “wrong track” – an administrative path rather than an academic path. He is now completing his 29th year as president of MWCC.

“If I can do it, you can do it,” he encouraged the graduates. “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it. Conquer the world. Do for yourself, do for your family, and don’t forget to give back to your community.”2016 Gateway & Pathways valedictorians Christian and Bella

Some of the graduates will remain at MWCC to continue their associate degrees, while many who have already reached that milestone plan to transfer to a public and private college or university. Several of the graduates plan to serve the country in the military or directly enter the workforce.

Bella Ballin of Worcester, who earned an associate degree in Liberal Arts: Chemical Science from MWCC two days before receiving her high school diploma, was the Pathways class valedictorian.

“Who would have thought that teens from all different towns and all different backgrounds would come together not only as a cohort or a class but as a family? Right from the start we managed to forge bonds so strong that we didn’t want to stray from each other. As our bonds grew, so did our maturity, adaptability, independence and knowledge,” she said.

This fall, she will transfer to Carnegie Mellon University to continue her studies in chemistry.

Christian Rossi, Jr. of Winchendon, homeschooled prior to enrolling in the Gateway program, graduated from MWCC Wednesday with an associate degree in computer information systems and academic certificates in cyber security and IT support specialist. He plans to transfer this fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

He wryly shared that while he thought he was well versed in many topics before enrolling, he came to realize there’s always more to learn, such as the day a classmate had a pizza delivered to the college for dinner rather than packing food.

“Now why I hadn’t thought of that, I cannot say, but I know that I will remember it in case I ever find myself hungry at my next school.”

MWCC’s partnerships with the public school districts represent “the pillars of support for our students,” said Fagan Forhan, Assistant Dean of K-12 Partnerships and Civic Engagement.

“It is through these partnerships that together, we have built a true community here at MWCC. We have created a place where students feel supported, encouraged and safe. We have built a place where new paths are forged and lives are transformed.”


Graduates Welcomed into the Nursing Profession During Traditional Pinning Ceremony

Breana Keegan leads nursing pledgeFamily and friends from as near as Gardner and as far away as Zimbabwe came to celebrate the achievements of Mount Wachusett Community College’s associate degree nursing class during a traditional pinning ceremony held May 19 in the Fitness & Wellness center.

The 43rd graduating class was comprised of students enrolled in the day and evening programs and included LPNs who returned to continue their education through the college’s Bridge to Nursing program.

Mercy Dhliwayo of Fitchburg and familyMWCC President Daniel M. Asquino congratulated the students on their success completing one of the college’s most rigorous academic programs. He noted that the care and compassion of nurses bring tremendous comfort to patients who are often at their lowest moment and in pain.

Summarizing key points made during his Commencement address the evening before, the president encouraged the graduates to move forward in their careers and lives with compassion, empathy and a positive attitude.

“I can think of no other profession where these are so essential.”

Eileen Costello, dean of the School of Health Sciences and Community Service Programs, also welcomed the graduates and their families.

Dressed in traditional nurse uniforms, the students were welcomed into the profession by having the program’s nursing pin fastened to their lapels by Faith Pulaski and daughter Amy Moisona family member, friend, or an alumnus of the program, or a faculty member, to the cheers of family and friends. The pin symbolizes where the nurses completed their studies to become an RN and distinguishes them from other health care professionals. The eight-star MWCC pin is imprinted with the words “Service to Humanity and the World.”

As part of the ceremony, the students also took a nursing pledge that dates back to Florence Nightingale, who distinguished herself during the Crimean War by coming to the aid of sick and wounded soldiers.

Mount Wachusett Community College 2016 Graduation List

Mount Wachusett Community College 2016 Graduation List

Mount Wachusett Community College celebrated the academic achievements of its graduates during the college’s 51st commencement on May 18. This year, 810 associate degrees and certificates were awarded to 734 graduates.




Associates: James G. Kunyera, Neema-Carolyne M. Mmari



Certificates: Leah Kariuki, Humphrey Maina Muchiri



Associates: Robert S. Bean, Donald C. Capodilupo, Mark A. Cerasuolo, Champagne E. Guzman, James Ham, Sara Khan, Angel M. Lehtonen, Gregory J. Morin, Sonya M. Swan

Certificates: Karrysa C. Caldwell-Carlson, Anthony S. Federline, Andrea Spyropoulos, Alisha A. VanHillo, Noella M. Vautour, Jackie C. Walsh



Associates: Katherine L. Bogue, Amanda L. Boudreau, Katherine B. Jollimore, Kristen A. Knight, Sarah E. Lieneck, Matthew D. McRae, Mitchell A. Pinault, Svetlana A. Prive, Heather L. Tokola

Certificates: Ashley L. Boucher, Nicole L. Green, Kailey M. Lang, Carey L. Parkhurst, Carl W. Selmer



Associates: Aleisha K. Berthiaume, Francisco Carra, Allison M. Drazek, Samantha M. Farley, Tina M. Giroux, Chandler Giuffre, Elizabeth J. Hager, Alexis M. Hill, Tatjana I. James, Emily S. Jillson, Caitlin Muzzy, Emily  Perkins, Courtney  Roche, Jillian L. Rostock, Ryley Saisa, Nicole Savoy, Damian Scott, Kelly A. Veautour, Emily A. Watkevich, Kelly K. Winship, Colleen M. Young

Certificates: Leah Barnes, Tracey L. Butler, Mark Chapalonis, Charlene Cross, Anita E. Dexter, Gloria M. Jolly, Sierra Lopez, Brionna R. Luchock, Amanda C. Melanson, Selma K. Olsen, Luke O. Parker, Kathryn R. Pistorino, Katrina B. Ringgard, Jessica L. Schavrien, Ewa Surlej, Kari Truehart, Mathieu Woodbury



Associates: Dorcas N. Mwathi



Associates: Cheryl Bolton, Kyle P. Cherico, Rosemary Cotto, Kyle M. Dargis, Antonina M. Herbst, Ian Hurley, Molly M. Kane, Rose M. LaFargue, Margaret M. Linzey, Jessica L. Mello, Ian K. Murphy, Andre Alexander Jean Paul Nieto

Certificates: Julia A. Corenzwit, Ryan Doucette, Lucille A. Perreira, Laurie Sabol, Stephanie A. Wronski



Associates: Jessica A. Colleton, Emanuel A. Corbeil, Alida M. Garrett, Thomas P.  Hill, Lindsay Jamieson, Kelsey L. Joyal, Virginia E. Strahan

Certificates: Agnes M. Coleman, Emanuel A. Corbeil, Sheena A. Giguere, Lindsay Jamieson, Patrick M. Waite



Associates: Mindy L. Anish, Amanda M. Baldino, Melissa Bobka, Chelsea L. Garrity, Elizabeth Hart, Austin S. Knowles, Sean S. O’Brien, Benjamin Spurr, Alexandra H. Whitaker

Certificates: Amanda M. Baldino, Sean W. Craig, Collin Fleming, Patrick S. James, Jennifer D. Rodriguez, Alexandra H. Whitaker



Associates: Erin C. Sullivan



Associates: Laura L. Coldwell



Associates: Bjarne W. Hansen



Certificates.: Yanjun Li



Associates: Isabel Silva



Associates: Amanda C. Donham, Mary K. Faugno Wiles



Associates: Jennifer N. Miller



Associates: Rebecca A. Daniel, Jessica Tashjian

Certificates: Chelsea A. Gordon, Jessica Tashjian



Associates: Alfredina Obeng



Associates: Bryant J. Cooper, Ryan Shaw

Certificate: Bryant J. Cooper



Certificates: Shelmith N. Karimi, Rahab W. Mwaura, Elizabeth N. Njihia


East Templeton

Associates: Kelly-Ann C. Kuszewski, Amy T. Martinello, Jillian Risi, Erin L. Warren, Mariah J. Work

Certificate: Jillian Risi



Associates: Rebekah  Amburgey, Mavis NS Barnor, Vanessa C. Bottarro, Jocelyn Boulay, Casandra L. Brisson, Michael O. Bueno, Khadijah J. Butkiewicz, Nichole Chalke, Derrick J. Chance, Felysha Clyburn, Paul S. Comaskey, Janie D. Cooper, Angela F. Decarolis, Jason Desaulnier, Lorraine S. Desjean, Mercy T. Dhliwayo, Ethan Diaz, Jasmine Dobson, Zachary D. DuBois, Edwina L. Duffy, Cathy K. Duong, Ulric E. Eubanks, Matthew P. Fraticelli, Elvin Gonzalez, Paulette Hachey, Pamela A. Hatstat, Jacqueline V. Hernandez, Amber R. Jacques, Bethany N. Jones, Patrick Kamayou, Yvette T. Kamayou, Krysta S. Kay, Monica Y. Kwan, Tania I. Laboy, Jude A. Lambert, Samantha B. Lazo, Keith LeBlanc, Sandra C. Lefferts, Rebekah K. Lillie, Ariyuris M. Medina, Jennifer Mendoza, Nicholas M. Meza, Cari-Ann Miller, Colin P. Moore, Angie M. Moux, Amanda P. Moyano, Maghan C. Moynahan, Sherwood E. Murray, Angella Nakanwagi, Jennifer N. Nguyen, Alondra Pedraza, Anna Maria Phelan, Johanne Pierre, Miranda A. Prentiss, Tea Preston, Dana Procell, Samantha Puchlerz, Michael T. Racine, Jessica Rennick, Iliana Reyes, Jennifer Rivera, Iride P. Rodriguez, Hasan S. Saadeh, Tania Santiago, Kimberley Simonds, Giovani Soto, Amanda L. Stewart, Bryan M. Tejada, Jennifer Torres, Michelle A. Trombly, Sarah S. Tuomala, Leah M. Warren, Robin A. Wead, Emma J. Williams, Emily C. Wuoti

Certificates: Stephanie L. Adams, Barbara Avila, Dayanaliz Baez, Mavis NS Barnor, Sheila  Boria, Sheila M. Boudreau, Shavon B. Bourgault, Jessica M. Calypso, Spenser T. Clark, Janie D. Cooper, Ashley M. Decoteau, Suzanne DiCato, Chynna L. Donahoo, Kimberly French, Kayla J. Hickey, Shannon M. Hultslander, Tania I. Laboy, Natalie L. Leveille, Tamara H. Lopez, Alma Y. Macias, Naomi T. Mangual, Sarah E. Marshall, Yemni T. Mendez, Colin P. Moore, Jennifer N. Nguyen, Johanne Pierre, Laura M. Revetria, Jessica Reynolds, Diosmar  Reynoso, Brenda P. Rodriguez, Elimir Salcedo, Erik Sanchez, Bryan M. Tejada, Ann M. Troche, Michelle A. Trombly, Jeremiah J. Veino, Robin A. Wead, Staci L. Wolski



Associates: Monica W. Mbugua



Associates: Andrea L. Bartlett, Nicholas S. Batchelder, Allysyn M. Belliveau, Rene Bergeron, Sarah B. Brooks, Leah C. Burgess, Matthew Carbonari, Matthew Casaubon, Amber L. Charland, Hilary Cook, Amy R. Cooper, Adam Cormier, Mallory E. Cormier, Kassandra L. Culley, Justin M. Doiron, Darrion Donaghy, Jessica L. Faiola, Amanda D. Favreau, Francisco J. Figueroa-Vazquez, Marcantonio Frushell, Daniel P. Gallant, Brian J. Gariepy, Chelsea Malik Gentile, Jillian Gerde, Thomas M. Girard, Colleen Golding, Jessica M. Guyer, Ashley Hamel, Patrick N. Hawkesworth, Robert J. Jess, Kaitlyn A. Jozefiak, David F. Kosciolek, Jacob M. LaFreniere, Daniel D. Landry, Gabriella LeBlanc, Jordan R. Learmonth, Kristen M. Lynch, Michael P. MacLean, Leanne M. McCarthy, Elizabeth L. McClure, James F. Meagher, Monica M. Medeiros, Meredith M. Minns, Amy L. Moisan, Alexa M. Morgan, Francis A. Murray, Desiree L. Newman, Matthew P. O’Brien, Emily A. O’Reilly, Kenneth J. Pellecchia, Karen A. Pietila, Ovila Plouffe, Alaina K. Quebec, Bryan N. Richard, Julia A. Richard, Luella A. Roth, Nicholas P. Scott, Katheya K. Singussen, Samantha M. Stewart, Elisha M. Stratford, Nicholas T. Sullivan, Hope B. Swaney

Certificates: Nicholas S. Batchelder, Rebecca A. Beirholm, Rene Bergeron, Joseph Bernard, Ashley Betty, Linda Burroughs, Alexandra L. Dalbec, Megan E. Delaney, Teresa M. Delaney, Mary L. Diehl, Marcantonio Frushell, Jessica M. Guyer, Krystal L. Guzman, Robert J. Jess, Nicole B. Joseph, Kristina M. LaBombard, Daniel D. Landry, Alexa M. Morgan, Scarlett K. Palma, Karen A. Pietila, Rheana L. Rodriguez, Terri J. Stewart, Hope B. Swaney, Adam J. Wilbur



Associates: Brittany M. Farraj, Todd R. Perry



Certificate: Jenny A.Richards



Associates: Stacey M. McPherson

Certificates: Rebekah L. Blood, Julie A. Davey



Associate: Elizabeth M. Motyka

Certificate: Karin J. May



Associate: Corey L. Bobzin

Certificate: Andrew Friedman



Associate: Nicole Candelora



Associate.: Brendan M. Myers, Sandra B. Rodgers

Certificate: Sandra B. Rodgers



Associates: Victoria R. Allen, Katie L. Aufiero, Michael J. Augustus, Ashley M. Boissoneau, Levi Bushnell, Jessica L. Charron, Cody L. Chick, Andrew D. Como, Sarah L. Croce, Erica A. DiMauro, Kimberly A. Homans, Nicole M. Kujala, Stevie LaBelle

Certificates: Pryce E. Stewart, Lauren Stohler



Certificate: Chelsea L. Carr



Associates: Angelique Chaput, Rachel M. Kelly, Renata Menezes, J. Barry Neas, Benjamin A. Smith

Certificate: Cynthia Rosancrans



Certificate: Jessika L. Little



Associates: Thayna  Aguiar, Steven E. Allain, Joyce Appah, Aulus V. Argollo, Tyler R. Arsenault, Amanda M. Bairos, Yasmin Barroso, Katriona M. Bell, Sarah E. Bergstrand, Paige E. Bigelow, Janice A. Bissonnette, Webster R. Bokoo, Gregory M. Butler, Aurea Carrion, Jason RS Catalano, Annalese K. Chila, Karina N. Colon, Yamilka M. Crespo, Carrie F. DeCosta, Nicholas A. DePaula, Kaleigh A. Dellazoppa, Meghan L. Donlan, Nathaniel V. Dorisca, Nicole M. Downey, Eric C. Duval, Amir O. Elmerheb, Nicole M. Fontaine, Michelle M. Francisco Pimentel, Melanie Galilea, Nancy Z. Gomma, Jennifer Gonzalez, Amy H. Goodwin, Ashley M. Gravelle, Spencer Harrington, Geoffrey E. Hines, Brandon G. Huszar, Teresa J. Hutson, Katelyn A. Jenson, Alana B. Jones, Caitlin R. Katisch, Nathan J. Katisch, Manmeet Kaur, Amanda N. L’Ecuyer, Rebecca L. LeBlanc, Natasha Limerick, Maria D. Lozada, Zoribett Lozada, Erick Lulimachi, Mariaris Luna, Nicholas Y. Manu, Sarah E. Marro, Kimberly L. Mills, Nashaleen M. Morales, Brittany R. Orlando, Wilhem A. Orneas, Cassandra R. Pateneaude, Camila Pereira, Marque L. Perkins, Lucas S. Perla, Garin J. Raphaelian, Michael Richmond, Chong O. Rodriguez, Kayla Sampson-Scanlon, Melissa Santiago, Rhonda A. Scoville, Jessica B Simmons, Chamroeun Sok, Lyndsay M. Solywoda, Silvana M. Sosa, Lisa A. Summers, Susan E. Sweeney, Regine N. Tashangang Kemembin, Christopher A. Thibert, Wendy Uribe, Paula J. Valiton, Jennifer C. Vincent, Kyle V. White, Timothy G. Wilkins, Joseph Williams, James I.. Wilson, Laura J. Wisler

Certificates: Maria B. Alicea, Penny J. Cotto, Priscilla A. DePaula, Kaleigh A. Dellazoppa, Eric C. Duval, Sylvia N. Forku, Robert Gabriel, Melissa Gonzalez, Vanessa S. Inthachai, Katelyn A. Jenson, Nathan J. Katisch, Manmeet Kaur, William J. Kemp, Melanie M. Kenneally, Amanda N.  L’Ecuyer, Matthew LeBlanc, Mariaris Luna, Andrea L. Mitchell, Milry Mondestin, Maysha I. Peckham, Caroline K. Rapagnola, Gilbert Revesai, Venessa L. Rife, Cynthia Z. Riley, Stephanie Rojas, Viviani F. Ronha, Kelly M. Schindler, Rebecca H. Scipione, Jessica B. Simmons, Lyndsay M. Solywoda, Silvana M. Sosa, Ronald A. St Laurent, Veronica Valladares, Jennifer C. Vincent, Tina Weil, James I. Wilson



Associates: Joyce W. Kigotho, Johnmichael T. Kimani, Teresia Kimani

Certificates: Beth K. Mwangi, Veronica W. Njihia



Associates: Kristin L. Beaulac, Kelsey M. Belair, Cathleen A. Berry, Scott G. Berry, DeAna M. Botta, Karly M. Brand, Kelsey N. Dembitzky, Josephine A. Dorazio-Giardina, Inna Kalfayan, Shayna P. LeBlanc, Jessica L. LiCausi, Jamie J. Narus, Sandra A. Norris, Daniel C. Packard, Lorraine A. Paine, Tyler M. Pelkey, Lynette J. Pimentel, Melissa Raggi, Brian A. Ragusa, Steven M. Rooney, Ashley M. Sartelle, Kaylee K. Saulnier, Samantha L. Staples, Rachael  Stillman, Nicole E. Stockwell, Andrew G. Vaughan, Robin Vaughan

Certificates: Corryanne E. Ashe, Kelsey M. Belair, Cathleen A. Berry, Brian A. Ragusa, Jennifer L. Rainsford, Kaylee K. Saulnier, Samantha L. Staples, Robin Vaughan



Associates: Tracy Tuyet Thi Khuu, Manouchka Theragene



Associates: Michael G. Bernklow, Deborah Nakato

Certificate: Roopal Sule



Associate: Catherine M. Dawson


New Salem

Associate: John W. Desrosiers

Certificate: Jerry Caya


North Adams

Associate.: Brent M. Lefebvre


North Brookfield

Associates: Ashley J. DuBrino, Kevin W. Figueroa, Daniel Graham, Nathan R. Roberts

Certificate: Mindy M. Gendron




Associate: Susanna M. Tourtellot



Associates: Kaci Bradshaw, Gina M. Gargone, Myra P. Johnson, Jennifer M. Kohlstrom, Katie M. LaCoy, Chelsea M. Margeson, Kristen M. Mauro, Thomas C. Perry, Kayla M. Pollack, Crystal B. Pratt, Christopher R. Thorp

Certificates: Emilie A. Ballard, Jessica M. Cloukey, Julie M. Holden, Chelsea M. Margeson, Kristen M. Mauro, Benjamin D. Mazarelli, Emilee N. Melanson, Abigail C. Pistorino, Kayla M. Pollack



Certificate: Corissa M. Walls



Associate: Linda G. Coyne

Certificate: Linda GCoyne



Associates: Mark Canning, Mary E. Fournier, Michele C. Higginson, Anthony J. Morgan, Jonathan R. Pike, Dylan Poulin, Christine A. Zambelli

Certificate: William Ronzio



Associates: Lily Carr, Jason P. Leonard

Certificate: Chelsea Carr



Associates: Alexander A. Benincaso, Meaghan K. Bruce, Taylor L. O’Neill, Rachel Stankaitis

Certificate: Summer A. Moulton



Associates: Abbey G .Kotoski, Scott Mellecker, Amy L. Parker, Denise A. White



Associates: Marlene Berry, Rebecca M. Gleason



Associate: William Leona



Associates: Sydni Ayers, Garrett H. Hall, Amy M. Putney



Associates: Cullen M. Carey, Elizabeth Z. Carville, Holland C. Crane, Coralina M. Ludden, Jakub Sawczuk

Certificate: Coralina M. Ludden


South Lancaster

Associates: Adele E. Hanks, David Langberg



Associates: Kyara J. Johnson, Michelle F.Kelly, Diane Polewarczyk, Jakob R. Vandal

Certificates: Susan M. Gonynor, Cassandra Marino, Jakob R. Vandal



Associates: Breana L. Keegan, Kayla E. Specht



Associate: April L. Nale



Associate.: Michael J. Gadbois, Lauren M. Moreau



Associates: Alyssa B. Adoretti, Aaron K. Brown, Drew J. Collagan, Christina M. Duplease, Elena V. Fernandez, Jenna M. McCann, Felicia Rice

Certificate: Monique Q. Graca



Associate: Grace G. Stafford



Associates: Kayla M. Arsenault, Jordan J. Bernard, Lisa A. Champagne, Holly S. D’Angelo, Jennifer A. DeMaio, Katlyn M. Gallant, Eric J. Hill, Jonathan Inman, Frank M. Maine, Lucy Rivers, Amanda Suzzi

Certificates: Diana Antul, David W. Bennett, Daniel R. Martin



Associates: Jessica L. Champagne, Katie E. Darling, Danielle A. Dubois, Jeffrey A. Garafola, Kelsey Midgley, Tanner L.Pandiscio, Michelle D .Racette, Christopher Stefanski, Catherine S. Tierney, Lisa M. Wilcomb

Certificates: Katie E. Darling, Tanner L. Pandiscio, Emily S. Shanley



Associates: Kettia G. Coulanges, Winnie K. Konso-Kiyaga



Associate: Kaitlan Piche


West Boylston

Associates: Suzanne E. Brazeau, Julianne R. Hutchins

Certificate: Suzanne E. Brazeau


West Townsend

Associates: Shaina A. Brooks, Anthony G. Motta, Jared Racette



Certificate: Leslie Jele



Associate: Susan M. Scaffardi

Certificate: Wern Sepasouk



Associates: Margaret M. Anderson, Kelly A. Barnier, John D. Blombach, Joseph H. Cormier, Leanne E. dos Santos, Mathias A. Dos Santos, Yvette G. Fagan, Samantha C. Franklin, Carly J. Gagne, Adrian  Gietzmann Sanders, Dillon T. Hammond, Shane M. Harrington, David J. Leblanc, Stephanie J. Logan, Siobhan E. Mack, David Monty, Brian Richard, Dillan V. Skamarycz

Certificates: Melanie Smith Dauphinais, Leanne E. dos Santos



Associates: Trevor J. Allen, Kelli R. Bator, Thomas Berger, Calvin R. Clinkscale, Laura  Cosentino, Rhonda J. Cutler, Erin M. Greene, Amy A. Hance, Kaitlin J. Johnson, Andrew W. Lawrence, Tina L. Leveille, Zi  Lin, Brandon M. Lucier, Jessica M. Mahan, Kaitlyn S. Neal, Courtney E. Nicholson, Mary S. O’Neill, Nathan L. Oakes, Lindsey M. Paul, Krista K. Pennell, Brian T. Pfeifle, Daniel L. Prouty, Mellissa S. Richard, Christian M. Rossi, Kelsey Schecker, Elizabeth Spady, Jenna L. Tenney, Bryan T. Vaine, Bonnie Veilleux, Kelly E. Williams, Josefina C. Wolski

Certificates: Victoria J. Burchfield, Daniel Caputi, Joseph A. Duerr, Ashley M. Garceau, Ryan P. May, Brity T. Murphy, Bret K. Norcross, Krista K. Pennell, Brian T. Pfeifle, Christian M. Rossi, Anton M. Thompson, Josefina C. Wolski



Associates: Kwadwo D. Acheampong, Theresa K. Akinpelu, Bella Ballin, Jocelyn M. Bonyani, Jonathan T. Dano, Selina A. Darfour, Ambrose E. Egbokhan, Caryn M. Gage, Stephen N Gakuru, David Ishola, Lisandra Jimenez, Jessica J. Lugudde, Elizabeth G. Marino, Lucia M. Recoba, Joseph N. Mwaura, Wacugu Nganga, Charity W. Njau, Monica Pearl, Caitlin R. Riendeau, Cassandra A. Tousek, Thanh Quang Truong, Christina Vigeant

Certificates: Ghrnee R. Brown-Hunt, Ann Wamuyu Gathungu, Sheena M. Gonzalez, Taina Gonzalez, Alex K. Maina, Miriam N. Njine, Thanh Quang Truong, Melissa Wilson


New Hampshire



Certificate: Timothy J. Sullivan



Associate: Duncan W. Sullivan



Certificate: Andrea M. Langley



Associates: Monique Archambault, Melinda W. Breen, Lisa M. Hahn, Kyle M. Morneau, Christine A. Rondeau-Fryer

Certificate: Christine A. Rondeau-Fryer



Associate: Jamie J. Grant


New Ipswich

Certificate: Clayton W. Kuusisto



Associate: Sarah B. Mathewson



Associates: Allyson A. Belliveau, Brodie Day, Jake R. Germano, Calvin C. Seppala, Samuel D. Yeiter



Associate: David A. Lenox



Certificate: Paige N. Lucas



Associate: Jennifer L. Johnson



Associate: Corey Bernard





Fort Riley

Associate: Lyndsie K. Heck

Certificate: Lyndsie K. Heck





Associate: Greg Deer


North Carolina



Associate: Kristen Kum


New York



Certificate: Joshua T. Goliber


Rhode Island


North Kingstown

Associate: Farag Y. Mohamed

5/23 – Workforce Training Fund Information Session

The Workforce Training Fund Information Session
WHEN: Monday, May 23, 2016 from 12 – 2pm

WHERE: MWCC Leominster Campus

Join us for lunch and find out more about how to access training funds for your company from a representative of the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. Registration is required.


Please Register Here !!

Hosted by: MWCC Workforce Development Department
These information sessions provide an overview of all of the Workforce Training Fund programs. Topics covered include: the features and requirements of each program, funding availability, and the application process. Following the information session, participants should be able to determine which grants are best suited for their business needs and know how to begin the application process.

Each session lasts 2 hours and covers the following programs:

  • Training employees in the new production methods to remain competitive

Developing the leadership skills of managers and supervisors

Leominster Credit Union to Sponsor Veterans Traveling Wall Memorial

Leominster Credit Union to Sponsor Veterans Traveling Wall Memorial

John O’Brien, President & CEO and Carol Perron, Senior Vice President of Leominster Credit Union presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to sponsor the Veterans Traveling Wall Memorial “The Wall that Heals” event scheduled for this November at Carter Park.

Leominster is a host city for this event.  The Wall that Heals is a 250 foot replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Since its debut in 1996 it has visited nearly 400 U.S. Cities and viewed by over 2 million people.  The memorial will be open to the public starting Nov. 3 with a ceremony beginning at 8 a.m. The memorial will remain until the afternoon of Nov. 6. For more information contact the Leominster Veterans Services at978-534-7538

Founded in 1954, Leominster Credit Union (LCU) is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative with a full range of deposit, lending and other financial services. Headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, LCU is proud to claim nearly 50,000 members and more than $600 million in assets. LCU has seven branch locations in Leominster, Worcester, Clinton, Holden, Sterling and North Leominster with ATM services at all branch locations. LCU also provides 24 hour banking via Mobile and Online services. Visit or call 800-649-4646.

Leominster Credit Union to Sponsor Starburst 2016

John O’Brien, President & CEO  and Barbara Mahoney, Senior Vice President of Leominster Credit Union presented Bob Healy with a check for $8,000 as the Premier Sponsor of Starburst 2016.

Starburst is the Leominster’s premier event and will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Doyle Field.  The gates with open at 4:30 pm and the first event will begin at 5:00 pm.  Entertainment, music and a fireworks extravaganza are all scheduled.  Donations for Starburst can be mailed to Starburst, P. O. Box 621, Leominster, MA 01453 or by contacting Jack Hathaway at 978-537-4625

 Founded in 1954, Leominster Credit Union (LCU) is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative with a full range of deposit, lending and other financial services. Headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, LCU is proud to claim nearly 50,000 members and more than $600 million in assets. LCU has seven branch locations in Leominster, Worcester, Clinton, Holden, Sterling and North Leominster with ATM services at all branch locations. LCU also provides 24 hour banking via Mobile and Online services. Visit or call 800-649-4646.

5/17 – EEOC Overview for Businesses, Part 2

EEOC Overview for Businesses, Part 2
May 17, 2016, 10AM-11:30AM
North Central Career Center
100 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA
EEOC Investigator, Scott Kelley, will again be the speaker at a North Central Career Center workshop for businesses on May 17th at 10AM. This will be a follow up to the first presentation in January.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to discriminate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.
EEOC also works to prevent discrimination before it occurs through outreach, education and technical assistance programs. Any employer with questions about the laws enforced by EEOC or about compliance with those laws in specific workplace situations should attend this workshop at the Career Center.
To reserve a seat please RSVP, by May 16th, to
or 978-534-1481 X209 Our last workshop was sold out, so please reserve early.

MWCC Student Rafaela Lopes of Leominster Receives National Newman Civic Fellows Award

For her dedication and commitment to serving others, Mount Wachusett Community College student Rafaela Lopes has been presented with Campus Compact’s national 2016 Newman Civic Fellows Award.

The Leominster resident was inspired to make a difference in the lives of others by creating a youth-run social venture that helps young people experiencing or close to homelessness, as she had experienced as a child in Brazil before moving to Massachusetts seven years ago.

“Rafaela has made such significant contributions to our community both locally and globally, that even at her young age, she truly stands out as an inspirational leader deserving of recognition,” said MWCC President Daniel M. Asquino. “We are very proud of her for her spirit of generosity, and proud that she becomes MWCC’s fourth student to consecutively receive this prestigious award.”

Campus Compact is a national coalition of nearly 1,100 college and university presidents who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility. The award honors the late Frank Newman, one of Campus Compact’s founders and a tireless advocate for the civic engagement of higher education.

A dual enrollment student in MWCC’s Gateway to College program, Lopes will earn her high school diploma this spring and an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in the fall. After that, she plans to transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and then enroll in dental school.

“I believe that helping others is my life’s mission. I try to lead by example, in the hope that one kindness will yield another, in turn generating a chain of kindness,” she said.

For the past three years, Lopes has been actively involved in the United Way Youth Venture program, which is co-sponsored by MWCC, the United Way of North Central Massachusetts and Ashoka’s Youth Venture. She created the social venture Go Make a Difference when she was just 15. Since then, she has led her team in fulfilling its mission to help the community locally by providing regular birthday celebrations for homeless children and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity of North Central Massachusetts.

The culmination of her dream – to make the impact of her venture global – was realized in February when she organized a student trip to a rural village in Haiti for a week of service at a nutrition and health center. She was instrumental in raising thousands of dollars and collecting 14 suitcases packed with essential supplies in preparation for the trip. She is in the process of organizing another group trip to Haiti next winter so more young people can experience the joy of giving back.

Lopes is also actively involved with the UWYV team Friends of Rachel’s Challenge at Leominster High School and with the ALANA club at MWCC.

“With both organizations, I’ve been able to serve and support the community while sharing positivity and friendship. I plan to continue to lead service and inspire my fellow students to help me make a difference with volunteering, whether with homeless families or in regions of severe poverty.”

Recipients of the Newman Civic Fellows Award are nominated by their college’s president or chancellor. Honorees are chosen for their leadership and ability to take action in pursuit of long-term, positive social change. This year, 218 students were selected to receive the award.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate such an extraordinary group of students,” said Campus Compact president Andrew Seligsohn. “We are seeing a resurgence in student interest in acting to create lasting social change, and this year’s Newman Civic Fellows exemplify that commitment.”