Goodrich Academy Life Science Lab Ribbon Cutting

Goodrich Academy Life Science Lab Ribbon Cutting

STEM equipment and supplies grant was awarded by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to Goodrich Academy during the 2016-17 school year. The awarded amount was $105, 345 ($95,795 equipment, $9,550 professional development).

The grant award was announced last February and provided Goodrich with new furniture, lab equipment and technology, which is being used to promote STEM education in the Life Sciences and prepare Goodrich students with skills they can apply in a career in the Life Sciences.

“The life sciences and STEM+ education are a major focus of the Fitchburg Public Schools in all grades as we prepare students for college and careers,” FPS Superintendent Andre Ravenelle said. “This addition to the Goodrich Academy Campus is a good example of a collaboration to enhance this work.”

WHO: Fitchburg Public Schools, Goodrich Academy

WHAT: Goodrich Academy Life Science Lab Ribbon Cutting

WHEN: Friday, March 16 at 10 a.m.

WHERE: Goodrich Academy, 111 Goodrich Street, Fitchburg.

Expected speakers:

Andre Ravenelle (Fitchburg Public Schools Superintendent)

Stephen DiNatale (Mayor of Fitchburg)

Ryan Mudawar (Massachusetts Life Sciences Center)