Casting Call for a short film based on the feature film The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop!

We are excited to announce that we are creating a short film based on the feature film The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop!

You heard that correctly: we are shooting a short film based on the first 15 pages of the feature film! As first time feature filmmakers, it is imperative that we demonstrate our vision and our ability as filmmakers to bring Cecily’s story to life on the screen. It has become increasingly clear that this “proof of concept” is necessary for us to move forward with the feature film. Many feature films started as short films including Beasts of the Southern Wild, Short Term 12, and Whiplash.


We are in the process of recruiting crew and have opened up a casting call for all roles, with the exception of the role of Kevin (the father) which will be played by actor Will Bouvier of Shirley, MA, who previously acted in the Sundance award-winning film Black Rock. We are just beginning to solicit funding through grants and individual contributors and plan to raise all remaining funds in March through a crowdfunding platform. We will be shooting in June 2017 with the goal to have the final product completed by September in time to apply for major festivals.

Casting Call!

Union and non-union actors interested in auditioning for one of the roles listed below should send a headshot and resume to  with the name of the role in the subject. Actors must be able to commute to central Massachusetts for auditions, rehearsals, and filming. Actors do not need to be the same age as the character – just need to look the same age. All headshots and resumes must be received by January 27. Further details on the audition process will be sent out after all resumes are received.

Casting for short film does not guarantee casting in feature film.




Helen Blinkstop

30-40 years old. Mother of Cecily Blinkstop. Struggling to function after the death of her baby daughter. Open to actresses of all races.


Cecily Blinkstop

7 years old (can be 6-8 years). Lead role in film. Open to young female actors of all races. Looking for a fearless girl who can bravely take on a role that is both serious and adventurous.


Kimberley Blinkstop

12-13 years old. Cecily’s older sister. Open to female actors of any race.


Barney Blinkstop

4-6 years old. Cecily’s baby brother who stopped speaking after his baby sister died. Looking for a boy who is expressive, has a sweet baby face, and can handle a long day on set. Open to young male actors of any race.


Amanda Jane

6-8 years old. Cecily Blinkstop’s imaginary friend. Amanda Jane does not speak. Actors who audition for Cecily will also be considered for the role of Amanda Jane.

Commitment to New England:

We are committed to hiring 80% of our cast and crew from the New England region.


Commitment to Women:

We are committed to buidling a cast and crew with at least 50% women.


If you would like to be considered for a crew position for the short film version of The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop, scheduled to film June 2017 in central Massachusetts, please email your resume with “crew” and department/position of interest in the subject line. We will be filling all crew positions by the end of March.

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