Wachusett Business Incubator Entrepreneur 101 Class

Friday, June 14th – 9 AM – 12 PM
Location – MWCC – Leominster
Cost – FREE but requires registration.

Entrepreneurship 101: Presentation Agenda

Part 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Dr. Mike Greenwood
Overview: Discuss the entrepreneurial mindset and key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
Opportunity Identification: Briefly cover methods to identify and assess business opportunities.

Part 2: Developing the Business Idea – Dr. Mike Greenwood
Idea Generation: Share techniques for brainstorming and creative thinking.
Validation: Introduce basic validation tools like market feasibility and the Lean Startup approach.

Part 3: Essentials of Business Planning – John Lohmann
Business Plan Components: Outline the structure of a simple business plan.
Goal Setting and Financial Basics: Highlight how to set realistic goals and basic financial projections.

Part 4: Marketing and Sales Overview – John Lohmann
Marketing Basics: Brief discussion on creating a marketing strategy and understanding the target market.
Sales Fundamentals: Introduce basic sales techniques and the importance of customer relationships.

Part 5: Funding and Legal Considerations – Sandie Cataldo
Financing Options: Overview of different funding avenues like bootstrapping, loans, and investors.
Legal Basics: Discuss the importance of choosing the right business structure and understanding regulatory requirements.

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