Workers Credit Union Launches Workers Kindness Program Members Decide Where Donations Will Go

Workers Credit Union donated more than $400,000 to 175 charitable organizations in 2021. This year they are launching a new program called “Workers Kindness,” which gives its members a voice in how some of that money is allocated each quarter. “There is no one better to determine where we should donate than our members living in the communities we serve,” says Workers Credit Union President and CEO Doug Petersen. “This program ensures our giving is aligned with the causes that are important to them.”

Under the Workers Kindness program, each quarter members receive a voting call to action via email, online/mobile banking, and web alerts. By clicking on the survey link, members can “vote their kindness” from a slate of pre-selected charities and nominate organizations for inclusion on future ballots. Early reaction to the program has been strong with thousands of members responding. Donations will be made to the organizations that are proportional to the support they receive from members.

This program reflects Workers Credit Union’s overall commitment to charitable giving and improving the lives of both its members and their communities. Workers Credit Union staff devoted more than 2,000 hours to volunteering in 2021. The credit union also returned $2.2 million to its members through its Workers GiveBack program, now in its ninth year and having returned more than $25 million to members.