Wonder Products Disrupts the Plunger Industry During the Pandemic

When many businesses were forced to cut back or close during the early stages of the COVID Pandemic, Wonder Products, LLC of Sterling was just getting started – opening its doors in 2020.

“The pandemic required you to refocus and reinvent yourself,” notes co-founder Michelle Salas. You either had to jump on the boat or jump off.”  Michelle and her partner Nikki Wiita grabbed hold of an idea and built a business around it. Makers of the “Wonder Plunger,” the pair or Moms dove in with a simple mission statement – “Never fear the flush again!”

They introduced a new toilet plunger that, according to their website, is set to revolutionize the look of your bathroom. It’s clean, easy-to-store and colorful options make it a perfect fit in every bathroom. The Wonder Plungers patent pending design includes a one-handed operation. With a single hand, you can easily extend the collapsible pole, making your plunger 16 inches. And when you’re done, with a simple twist, the plunger collapses down to 9.5 inches, making it easy to store anywhere in your bathroom.

“We’re both Moms and we didn’t like the idea of storing the plunger in the bathroom where our kids were walking barefoot,” explained Ms. Salas. “Plungers are gross, dirty and inconvenient to store in the basement – where you have to do the ‘walk of shame downstairs each time you need to use one.”

They primarily promote Wonder Plunger via email and social media advertising including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The business has also grown via word of mouth. In addition to being sold on their own website (wonderplunger.com), their product is also available online via Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart.

When asked what separates their product from standard run-of-the-mill plungers, Salas noted three key points of difference. “Our collapsible concept, our aesthetically pleasing colors and our one-handed operational format,” she explained. As their website adds, “Use the Wonder Plunger to loosen that clog and when you’re done, simply put it away with the confidence you’re living a cleaner lifestyle.”

As for starting a business in North Central Massachusetts, Salas said it was important for them to be part of the community and they want to inspire other female-owned companies. “As a new business, we are looking to get more involved in the community, she added.

As a women-owned business, Salas notes Wonder Products is also very family-oriented. “Both our husbands are involved in supporting the company. We are both very driven and motivated. As Moms it was important to create a work/life balance and we wanted to create our own.”