Building on the success of their Nauti hard seltzer line, Wachusett Brewing Company is now stepping into the hard cider ring with their latest platform, Fifty Trees Hard Cider. Fifty Trees Hard Cider will be launched with two styles, both featuring local apples from farms in North Central Massachusetts. The first style, Fifty Trees Original, is blended with a touch of European Bittersweets for a semi-dry character that features a flavorful apple taste with a crisp, clean finish. The second style, Fifty Trees Cranberry, features the tart, refreshing flavor of locally sourced cranberries.

“We have been making hard cider pretty consistently over the last two years” saidWachusett President Christian McMahan. “Craft cider shares all the same values ascraft beer. It has an incredible history, it’s handcrafted, and it allows for incredible diversity and creativity. We have done a ton of experimentation over that time and are proud to finally be able to launch Fifty Trees to a wider audience.” McMahanconcluded.

Fifty Trees Hard Cider is handcrafted in Westminster, Massachusetts, in the heart ofthe state’s apple growing region, aka “Johnny Appleseed Country.” It pays tribute to the legendary orchardist and nurseryman who was born right down the road. In theearly 1800’s, he helped frontier settlers establish land rights by planting fifty apple trees on their land to establish permanent residency as required by Congress at the time, taking advantage of the Northwest Ordinance. Interestingly, the fruits born from these trees were not culinary apples for eating but instead were destined for producing hard cider. Fifty Trees represents a nod to this pioneering spirit and is also exploring other cider styles using ingredients indigenous to the New England agricultural region.

For more information about Wachusett Brewing Company, visit www.wachusettbrew.comFor more information about Fifty Trees Hard Cider, visit www.fiftytreeshardcider.com.