Solvus Global Launches New Website

With the rapid expansion of its 5 business enterprises, Solvus Global has redesigned their website to incorporate further insight into their materials and manufacturing solutions.

Solvus Global, a technology solutions provider specializing in additive manufacturing, machine learning, and sustainable materials processing, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, As an upgrade from the initial site, the redesign reflects all that Solvus Global has to offer, in terms of capabilities and services across a variety of technologies and industries.

In the past few years, Solvus Global has expanded their manufacturing square footage, increased their customer base, and doubled their number of total employees. The Solvus Global website has now caught up with the organization’s exponential growth.

“Our new website represents a renewed focus on our mission to launch and scale enterprise solutions in materials and manufacturing.,” said CEO, Aaron Birt.

By bringing the 5 business enterprises to the forefront, Solvus Global is able to better highlight their key focus areas of additive manufacturing, sustainable material management, energy storage, industry 4.0, aerospace, defense, and recycling. Additional context surrounding the challenges faced within each focus area and the shift toward modern-day technology solutions brings to light the purpose of the Solvus Global enterprises.

Solvus Global has invited visitors to explore the new website. Redesigned as a hub for equipment manufacturers, job seekers, and curious individuals – Solvus Global is always looking for potential partners, customers, and new team members.

About Solvus Global

Founded in 2017, Solvus Global is a technology-solution provider for materials and manufacturing, specializing in the areas of additive manufacturing, machine learning, and sustainable materials processing. Headquartered in Worcester, Solvus Global operates out of three locations across Massachusetts: research and manufacturing facilities in both Leominster and Worcester, and a collaborative center in Webster.

To view the new Solvus Global website, click here.