RMI Announces CEO Transition in September 2021

Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) names Rachel Lopez CEO of RMI effective September 1st, 2021. Founder and current CEO of RMI, Rey Lopez is transitioning to Director of Sales.

RMI, a family-owned HR outsourcing company and Professional Employer Organization has appointed Rachel Lopez as the new President and CEO of the company. For more than 25 years, Reinaldo “Rey” Lopez held the title as Founder and CEO and will continue serving RMI on the Board of Directors as well as the new Director of Sales to focus his attention on sales management.

“As founder of RMI, he was the first salesperson. It’s his passion. He really enjoys the business development side of things.” Rachel said when she spoke about her father’s new role.

Rachel looks forward to leading the company and continuing the RMI family legacy her father has built over the years. In her executive role, Rachel envisions the company will evolve to meet clients’ needs in the future.

Rachel stated, “I am very honored and excited for this new opportunity; I look forward to continuing my father’s legacy and remain a trusted partner to our clients. My vision is to continue adding value to our clients and their employees as their dedicated HR partner, so they can focus on what they love to do and continue to be successful.”

Rey looks forward to seeing Rachel lead the future generations of the RMI team.

“I believe that Rachel will continue to provide the excellent leadership that has gained the respect and appreciation of all our team members. I am both proud and excited that she will be continuing the RMI legacy,” Rey said. “She is very driven and goal oriented. She is relentless at providing excellent service and while maintaining a great work environment within the office. I see Rachel and the entire team reaching plateaus that were only a dream for me. RMI could not have a better leader at this moment than Rachel.”

Ms. Lopez began her journey with RMI in 1995. She was RMI’s first employee and started when she was 15 years old in the Payroll Department, processing payrolls. She then moved to the Human Resources and Compliance department where she learned every part of the business.

Rachel’s passion and drive goes far beyond just helping her clients grow.

“I like the role we play in the success of other businesses. I like that we can help owners of small and medium-sized businesses achieve goals by helping them manage their risk and liability. I love that we’re able to put them in a position where they can be competitive in their marketplace, offering benefits to their employees and making everyone’s lives better.”

RMI is family-owned business consisting of Rachel’s brother Alex Lopez, Vice President, Naldi Lopez, Director, and Rey Lopez, newly Sales Director.

“I would like to thank my father for his leadership and commitment to RMI for these past 25 years. His level of dedication and expertise in the industry has transformed the company to become one of the largest Hispanic-owned businesses in the nation,” said Rachel. “My vision is to continue leading RMI in the right direction and positioning the company as a PEO industry leader for many years to come.”