Office of Safety’s Workplace Safety Training & Education Grant Program

The Department of Industrial Accident’s Office of Safety has released the FY17 Workplace Safety Training & Education Grant Program Application for submission by July 1, 2016.

The objective of this program is to promote safe and healthy conditions in the workplace by awarding state funds to eligible applicants who submit responses designed to provide and improve safety education and training in Occupational Safety and Health to employers/employees within the Commonwealth covered by the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law (M.G.L. Chapter 152). Complete instructions, will be detailed in the FY17 Safety Training Grant Application.
Prepare and submit your grant application as outlined in the instructions. Incomplete applications cannot be processed unless all requested documents are included.

For your convenience, we have created the grant application and contractual documents as writable PDF files. The grant application and supporting documents as outlined in the check off summary must be submitted electronically as one document. Multiple attachments and zip files cannot be accepted.





Please remember to apply for and submit a copy of your Department of Revenue (DOR) Certificate of Good Standing with your application and contractual documents. A Certificate of Good Standing less than 6 months old must be provided at the time of submission. The fastest and easiest way to obtain a Certificate is online through MassTaxConnect

Applicants must be in full compliance with all obligations to the Department of Unemployment Assistance, Department of Industrial Accidents, and any other obligations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Applicants found to be non-compliant will be removed from consideration until all compliance issues have been resolved.

Prepare and submit original contractual documents as outlined in the instructions. ALL signatures and dates must be original and in ink. Stamps will not be accepted.

If you have questions or need assistance with grant application only, please contact Deven Awalt 617-727-4900 ext. 7404 or Maria Pesantes at 617-727-4900 ext. 7376. You may also refer all questions to

If you have questions or need assistant with the contractual documents only, please contact Diane Lentini at 617-626-5913 or by emailing