New City pf Fitchburg Purchasing Functions on their Website

New City Purchasing Functions on our Website
We are excited to announce new functionality for those interested in doing business with the City of Fitchburg. Our purchasing page has been redesigned and you can now receive bid documents directly from the website. It’s simple! 1. Go to the City Website and click on “Purchasing” or “Procurement Web Desk.” 2. Click on the item you are interested in quoting or bidding on. 3. Register on the page provided when you click. 4. View, download, or save the documents and forms provided. With the new system, there is no waiting for mailed or emailed documents. You can obtain quote or bid forms at any time, from any computer. We hope the new features will make it even easier for businesses, vendors, consultants, and contractors. Status of each item, as well as results, will be posted regularly to keep everyone up to date and to offer transparency into our procurement process. If you are currently registered to receive notifications from our website, the only step you may need to make is to take a few moments and REGISTER FOR THE CATEGORIES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.
If you do not have an account with the City, it’s very simple to get on our notification list. Simply go to and create an account (purple bar at the very top of the website). You can then choose the notifications you’d like to receive.
We hope this leads to more competition and more local business involvement with the City. Please feel free to contact the Chief Procurement Officer by email at . New City Purchasing Functions on our Website