Member Spotlight: American Dream Granite

American Dream Granite opened in June at 22 (Rear) Main Street in Leominster. Owners Nina and Jason Gonzalez source material for and install kitchen & bathroom countertops in granite, slate, marble, and soapstone, as well as engineered stones which are made from granite using resins and other materials to improve durability or achieve a unique appearance.

Nina came to the U.S. from Brazil in 2004 and ran her own house-cleaning business for a time, but was drawn to interior design and learned a great deal about the industry from her father, who owns a similar kitchen business in Marshfield. She and Jason, who married last year, have operated American Dream Granite since 2006 on a part-time basis, and are thrilled to finally be able to open their own storefront downtown. Jason has experience in masonry and general contracting.

“I was nervous about opening our own business didn’t know where to begin, this has all come from my wife’s passion and drive”, says Jason. “That is the most important thing, once you get started you will find out along the way what you need to do and where to find the advice and support you need.”

Business has been better than expected. The two are currently working on 4 residential projects, and have just begun a five-month project with a local builder to install stone in 400 apartments along with concierge desks and lobby areas, prompting them to add 2 more work crews to the single crew they started with. Personalized customer service is very important for American Dream Granite – they manage every project themselves without sub-contracting.

Nina takes pride in treating her customers’ homes as she would her own, and says she is often asked for input and even shopping assistance with small finishing touches that aren’t usually her part of the typical installation, such as a back-splash.
We encourage you to visit the American Dream Granite showroom at 22 Main Street (Rear) in Leominster or call (978) 537-3786. You can find a selection of materials to view on