Joshua Allen Design

Joshua Allen Design Brings a New Twist to Interior Design

With new growth comes new opportunities, and Joshua Allen Design (JAD) does exactly that with the recent launch of their kitchen cabinetry in 2022 and their mobile app, set to release to the public in Summer 2023.

Established 5 years ago by owner Joshua Allen Halterman, Joshua Allen Design is consistently reaching new heights. Originally a home-staging company, the business grew to the point where interior design started to take over, launching the business into a full-scale interior design firm. The current staff includes 3 full-time designers, a project manager, business manager, and marketing manager.

“I’m proud to say that over the course of five years, we’ve flipped the business on its head and turned it into an interior design-based business for all of central Massachusetts, but New England as well,” said Halterman. The business has designed in, but not limited to: Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

“We help bring people’s spaces to life,” he said. “That is our number one goal.”

Designing with the Client in Mind

According to their website, JAD handles everything from kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, remodels, and renovations, and more. Based in Sterling Massachusetts, the business combines transitional style with a modern twist and a unique New England flair. They believe that listening, understanding, and building strong relationships with their clients take priority.

“Our goal is to make the interior design process as easy and as comfortable as possible for our clients, as well as attainable. This is something that I believe in firmly,” Halterman said. “Interior design should be as important as selecting a contractor, or plumber, whenever you are doing something to your home. Everyone should know an interior designer just like everyone knows a plumber or electrician.”

If a client is new to the interior design process, the design team will help to build you a roadmap and be a part of every step of the design process. The process begins with a design consultation, so that they can better understand what the client is looking for, and what their needs and goals are.

“Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ spaces are as unique and as personal as they are. We help them decorate, space plan, build out new rooms and go over architectural layouts and drawings, finishes and tiles, and much, much more,” he said.

The design process is unique to every potential client that JAD encounters, ensuring the full experience and customization that is unique as each individual looking to design their space.

COVID just could not stop JAD

When COVID-19 first arrived in the states, many small business owners were unsure of what to do. There were a lot of questions unanswered for many, and for some businesses, it was detrimental to their success.

“We were still relatively new at the time that COVID came around and were really impacted because our business is client-facing and in the clients’ homes,” Halterman said. And while Joshua Allen Design certainly felt that at the business’ core during a two-month furlough, the interior design firm came back stronger than ever. In fact, they were able to add to the team to provide the highest quality interior design services for their clients.

“We noticed this insane uptick of business out of nowhere. Clients would come to us in need of design because they need to redo their kitchen and have been putting it off for 10 years, and now that they’re staring at it every day, they need to have it done. There was a need for a client to have a comfortable living and working space because they were now stuck in the house all the time,” he said.

Additionally Halterman noted that the JAD team learned a valuable lesson with the importance of mental health as it relates to the design of a space. Having a messy, cluttered space or home that is outdated or worse can impact a person’s clarity of mind.

Most of the interior design firm’s clients are those that are looking to “rehab, refresh, or renovate” – those that just bought a home and are looking to add or update it, or those who have lived in their homes for a handful of years and looking to renovate. And for those clients who are looking to build their own home, JAD eliminates the extra step of coordinating with the contractor and eases the design process to ensure that progress is made the way you want it to be.

While the pandemic was scary for every small business owner, not only in Massachusetts but across the world, Joshua Allen Design benefited from it in the end as clients really wanted to connect with their spaces and make it their own.

New Opportunities Arise for Joshua Allen Design

In 2022, JAD started offering kitchen cabinetry from brand names Starmark Cabinetry and Mantra Cabinets, in addition to their interior design process. You can view the product information on their website here.

“We are proud to be able to offer kitchen design on top of interior design because we are truly a full-service interior design business. A lot of times, kitchen designers will only focus on cabinetry. So, what we do is we marry the two together, and we are thinking about how the bathroom relates to the living room as it relates to the kitchen, and how the flooring goes throughout. That’s a really rare business model to have,” said Halterman.

Additionally, Joshua Allen Design will be releasing their own branded mobile app in Summer 2023. This application will be free to everyone, and is an opportunity to not only grow the business, but also be in touch with clients and potential clients directly.

“What we are trying to do is bring exclusive content to the general masses about interior design – what are the best colors of the month, best pieces of the month, or best deals of the month?” stated Halterman. “Our clients are going to have a better user experience because our designs are presented to them in a client portal designed by us. The client portal will be at their fingertips instead of having to always be on their laptop.”

Rooted in the Local Community

A vital aspect of the Joshua Allen Design values is being rooted in the local community. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Rise Above Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that responds to the growing need to give youth in foster care opportunities that will give them a sense of normalcy, provide comfort and build self-esteem. By funding individual wishes for requests like prom expenses, soccer registration, and clarinet lessons, Rise Above provides positive experiences for children in foster care.

Halterman himself sits on the Board of Directors for the Rise Above Foundation, and according to their website, JAD donates 100% of their time and expertise multiple times as year to install design projects for youth transitioning from foster homes to their own as they start college and enter adulthood. Last but certainly not least, JAD releases a candle every year in honor of the Rise Above Foundation.

You can learn more about the Rise Above Foundation on their website by clicking here.

Halterman added that they have the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce to thank for being a part of the business’ growth.

“The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource because whenever you’re starting a business, it can be really hard to know who to talk to and who to connect with. The marketing opportunities have also been really great because we’ve been featured on their podcast, networking events, and it’s nice to get to know the community. The chamber is really business-oriented and we love that about them.”

If you are looking to refresh or design your space and home, look no further than the Joshua Allen Design team. You can contact JAD on their website,, or by giving them a call 508-901-9919 or emailing them at