HUB International Embraces Change Throughout the Pandemic

HUB International started with Rome Insurance in 1939, and expanded over the years into commercial insurance. They were purchased by HUB International in 2007, becoming a multi-faceted insurance agency and brokerage firm, expanding to employee and retirement benefits, individual wealth planning, bonds, and more. They are currently the largest agency is Massachusetts for personalized insurance, such as home, automobile, and more.

HUB International grew through word of mouth and individual efforts: mailing campaigns, radio advertising, phone communication, and now through digital marketing such as social media platforms.

According to their website, HUB International’s company mission is “to protect and support the aspirations of individuals, families and businesses, to empower our employees to learn, grow and make a difference in their communities.”

“As an agency, HUB has a lot of experience in vertical industries like transportation industry and financial institutions, hospitality, real estate, and medical, including specialty lines like directors’ and office insurance,” said Gary Costello, Vice President and Producer at HUB International.

They specialize in various growing needs of business owners. Costello himself specializes in commercial insurances for workers’ compensation, product liability, and physical assets of a business.

For the future, HUB International plans to continue what they have been doing all along, and adapting that to the “new normal” and to the realities around us.

“Thankfully, the HUB has really quickly and we are fortunate to have done so,” said Costello. “Zoom meetings were few and far between pre-pandemic but are now a part of the lifestyle.”

He also adds that the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce has been incredibly helpful throughout the pandemic.

“If it wasn’t for people like the [North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce], business would lose the voice that they needed. They get personally involved in the business owners as customers, and are a great support system and advocate for those businesses,” he said.

HUB International’s Fitchburg location is currently closed, but the employees from there are enjoying working from home and adjusting pretty well the further everyone gets into the pandemic.

“We are trying to do more sales virtually through Zoom, by phone call, and face-to-face when necessary,” Costello said. “Thankfully, travel is coming back and meeting at the client’s office depends on the client. More and more clients are inviting us to their offices, with proper protocols in place.”

You can contact HUB International through their website at to speak with an agent in your local area.

“Every day could bring a new challenges, and life is changing as we speak,” said Costello. “Hub is always trying to create new ways to reach out to the public and customers. Change is inevitable and you just have to embrace it. “