General Announcement of Name and Brand Change MEM Dance Theatre

MEM Dance TheatreWith a proud heritage dating back more than 20 years, current owners of Paula Meola Dance & Performing Arts, Mary Elizabeth Tinervin and Matthew Kooyomjian are pleased to announce that as of August 24th, 2022 we have rebranded our business as MEM Dance Theatre “Sharing the Arts Together”

We have added a tagline of “Sharing the Arts Together” to succinctly encapsulate our primary mission of offering an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone; regardless of whether you enjoy taking an occasional class and performing or you love competing as a member of our Dance Company. The goal is to support each other and appreciate the differences and gifts we share.

We encourage students to participate in all classes and performances throughout their journey at our School. Starting with the initial exposure to Dance and the Theatre Arts, students continue to learn about the many Cultural Differences within the United States and in other countries; which often mark key Historical Milestones through the choreography depicted in performances. Mary Elizabeth and Matthew’s academic, performing and teaching credentials as described on the MEM Dance Theatre website, provide families and their children through the teenage years, and adult students a safe, fun and skilled experience in studying dance and the theatre arts. In doing so to continue to help harness and empower young minds, cultivate a broad base of community relationships, and sustain a successful business model which will continue to provide ample and enriching resources.

MEM Dance TheatreWe are always welcoming new students to our School, and please join us at our upcoming Open House on August 24th as well as our other performances throughout the year!

Mary Elizabeth Tinervin, Owner, Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress
Matthew M. Kooyomjian, Owner and Executive Directo