Digital Banking experts now available for Fidelity Bank clients

Experts in banking centers to provide exceptional service for online, mobile and remote banking

As the demand for online banking increased during the pandemic, Fidelity Bank recently announced the appointment of four digital bankers who are bringing the LifeDesign Banking approach to a digital world to help clients get where they want to be.

Launched in February 2020, digital bankers are available to respond to client inquires received via telephone, fax, email and webchat, and also support clients who have questions about digital banking when they are visiting one of the bank’s 14 banking centers.

The four digital bankers are:

Mary Hanlon, serving the Stow business center

Raymond Ayala, serving the Millbury business center

Angelina Pedersen, serving the Paxton business center

Christine Morrison, serving the Princeton business center

When comparing first quarter 2020 to first quarter 2021, Fidelity Bank experienced an increase of 36 percent in mobile app visits, an increase of 244 percent in online chat sessions and a 258 percent increase in submitted web forms as the banking centers were closed and available only via drive-thru due to COVID-19 guidelines.

“During the pandemic, we realized the opportunity to help clients in a digital world by bringing the experience of our banking centers to those who need to obtain service online,” said Sheila King-Goodwin, Senior Vice President, Chief Community Banking Officer, Fidelity Bank. “Our digital bankers are experts in our C.A.R.E. process by connecting, analyzing, recommending and executing products and services to our clients and utilize our LifeDesign Banking approach to help clients in all lines of business find the solution they need.”

In addition to service related to Fidelity Bank products, digital bankers can also help small business owners with navigating online accounting software, such as Quickbooks®, and individuals with online payment applications, such as Apple Pay®. Clients will also receive personalized onboarding services when opening new accounts, including follow-up on debit card and check delivery, as well as overall satisfaction of online services.

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