Consumer Taste Preferences Are Changing in 2016

Today’s consumer taste preferences are changing. The traditional flavor trends of comfort food and hamburgers are being supplemented with bold and flavorful foods from foreign lands.

These changes are being influenced by the changing face of America. Our diverse culture has inspired the growth of Mexican. Chinese and Thai restaurants across America. These cultures with their unique food offerings have tempted Americans to try new foods and accept them with regularity. This is evident all across America and they are successful.

Locally, a Brazilian restaurant called Comeketo is bringing the flavors of Brazil to the area. The menu is a combination of cultural foods of America and Brazil to satisfy the taste of people from the local area. You can choose from a wide range of menu items that will meet your taste from bold flavors to the standards of a great burger.

Recently Comeketo introduced a new spring menu with healthy items such as a Quinoa Spinach Salad and Brazilian Cordon Bleu. They also have a Taste of Brazil Platter for those who are ready to try the flavors of Brazil. I also found that they have a lunch special of three items from a selected menu for $10 under 10 minutes. A great idea for those with a limited time for lunch.

Comeketo is located at 23 Sack Boulevard at the Mall at Whitney Field. No reservations are required for this unique dining experience.