Chamber Launches Revised GIFT LOCAL Gift Card Program

After launching the Gift Local Community Gift Card Program back in 2016, the North Central Massachusetts Chamber is proud to announce the introduction of a new Gift Local E-Gift Card – a very user-friendly and more robust platform making it even easier for merchants and card holders to help drive business in the region.

“The Chamber is always looking for innovative ways to help grow our members’ businesses and build community,” said Chamber President Roy Nascimento.  “Participating members honored the card to help drive the local economy and keep spending local.  We are now ready to take this gift card program to the next level.”

Using Yiftee as its new gift card technology partner, the Chamber will transition to the new gift card platform over the next 6 months with the original program remaining valid through December 31, 2022.  Existing old Gift Local Gift Card holders (that operated on the prior system) can convert their unused card to the new format by coming to the Chamber office.  The Chamber will absorb the processing fees for exchanging and activating the cards and, as a courtesy, will add a $5 bonus to the balance on any old gift cards exchanged for a new Gift Local E-Gift Card.

Chamber members will be hearing much more about the new Gift Local E-Gift Card in the weeks and months ahead.  Consumers can purchase the Card as gifts or for self-use, and companies can use it for employee rewards, anniversary gifts, customer appreciation, survey incentives, contests and anything they might have used a gift card for.

“Most importantly, the dollars stay local and benefit our shops and restaurants and our community,” added Nascimento.

The new Gift Local E-Gift Card is much more convenient for both participating merchants to process and for gift card holders to redeem. People can purchase the E-Cards online and email, text or print them for use in shops, restaurants and other local services. To accept the Cards participating merchants just need to accept Mastercard and process it via a key-entry (like a phone order).  There will no longer be any need for a separate web terminal for processing, dual entries into the terminal and POS system, and any costly POS integration. 

There is no additional cost for Chamber merchants to participate in the program. To opt-in, they simply run a 10- cent charge (or whatever is their minimum) on a prepaid Mastercard that Yiftee will send by email (the “Activation Card”). This serves as the authorization to participate and businesses agree to Yiftee’s Merchant Agreement found here:  Participating merchants will be paid through their credit card bank in their normal settlement, with their normal Mastercard CNP processing fee. The Cards only work at participating merchants who opt-in to the program.

Businesses interested in accepting these Cards should contact the Chamber office as soon as possible.  The Chamber is planning to launch the new card to the public by September 1, 2022 with a marketing campaign and merchants who are signed up will be featured.

“We hope participating businesses will continue to honor the card and encourage fellow business owners to join in accepting the gift card,” said Nascimento.  “We also encourage new businesses to sign up to help drive more local dollars spent in the region. We’re very excited about this new E-card and developing new business for our members.”

To sign up to accept the new Gift Local e-Gift Card or for more information, call Lauren Goulet, Chamber Operations Manager, at 978.353.7600 or email