Chamber Launches Customized Market Research Service

The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the launch of a new customized market research service that will help member businesses and organizations save money by finding and reaching new prospects more effectively.   The Chamber can now help members make their existing direct-mail or telemarketing lists more efficient, analyze sales data to build a profile of their ideal customer targets, or even build a marketing list from scratch based on more than 100 data points such as  income level, geography, education,  interests, and purchasing tendencies.  This information can help local businesses in North Central Massachusetts learn more about their current customers, help them find and reach like-minded prospects, and acquire new customers.

For example, companies offering products & services for the home might benefit from knowing which families have purchased new homes or recently moved into the area.  Customized reports comparing a business’ customer profile with that of their target geographic area can provide enhanced segmentation, insight, and personalization to improve current marketing efforts.  Additional tools enable businesses to update and verify information, remove duplicates, and improve the odds of response to direct-mail offers, marketing like large companies on a small business budget.

 “We are excited to launch this new service that offers businesses greater access to potential customers.  This type of high-value market information has traditionally been out of reach for many small and mid-size businesses,”  said Roy M. Nascimento, President & CEO  “We think that access to this customized research will be a powerful tool that can give North Central Massachusetts small businesses a competitive advantage.”

Current members or businesses interested in learning more about the customized market research offered through the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce should contact Jeff Ardis, Manager of Member Services at (978) 353-7600 ext. 234 or via email at .