Celebrating a Centennial of Tradition with Oak Hill Country Club

Oak Hill Country Club just recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. Back in 1921, the country club’s initial 9-hole golf course, designed by Wayne Stiles. Oak Hill expanded to an 18-hole course designed by Donald Ross in 1925, with additions such a pool area, dining facility, tennis court, and clubhouse shortly after.

According to their website, Oak Hill has been a prominent site for local and regional championships. Beginning with the 1935 Massachusetts Open – won by Gene Sarazen – Oak Hill has hosted 15 Massachusetts Golf championships, three New England Amateurs, three New England PGA championships, the 1966 Tri-State matches, and countless Mass Golf and USGA qualifying events. Local golf officials consider Oak Hill to be one of the state’s best competitive venues, a recognition that has resulted in the club being awarded a 7th Massachusetts Open Championship in its Centennial Year of 2021.

Nature, over time, has since then taken its toll on the original course design, and Audra Kirtland, Marketing Communication and Membership Director, and Jeremy Jarvis, General Manager, look to bright horizons with strategic planning to bring the course back to its original design and history.

“What sets us apart is the history of the Country Club in North Central Massachusetts,” said Kirtland. “We are just east of route 495, and we are very proud of the legacy and conditions that we have posted, including seven pro-amateurs and our exclusive Oak Hill memberships.”

Jarvis chimed in, including various plans to go back to the original Ross design. “We plan on upgrading and revisiting the original designs, as they changed over the years, including the topography of the course,” he said. “A lot of thought and strategic planning goes into the design to make up the 18 holes. The landscape itself changes over the century; bunkers need to be redone every ten or so years. There are a lot of different elements that go into it.”

In addition to updating and revamping the original course design, Oak Hill looks to expand on memberships, providing new opportunities for everyone that discovers this hidden gem.

Their website states that Oak Hill members come from a wide variety of business backgrounds and professions that coalesce into a diverse group that all have one thing in common – they love this club. “We truly believe that there is no other membership like that of Oak Hill.”

Oak Hill Country Club provides Family Golf membership, House membership, and Individual Golf packages for anyone interested in joining the private country club. All memberships include exclusive access to the clubhouse, practice facilities, tennis courts, and swimming pool area.

“Being in the location that we are [in Fitchburg, MA], we see all walks of life come through our doors: from blue collar to white collar, the small business owner, a roofing company… you name it!” Kirtland said.

Currently, Oak Hill Country Club has just under 400 memberships, and over 1,000 members.

“A unique aspect of the country club is that we are very family-oriented. We have a lot of generational families, which you don’t really see any more at country clubs,” Kirtland said.

In addition to the avid golfers and non-competitive folks, Oak Hill sets the scene for weddings and functions that are member-sponsored. The newly renovated Garden Room and customized wedding packages offer a unique compliment to your special day. The Garden Room is the perfect location and venue for large functions including birthdays, holiday parties, and other events. While the 1921 Room “offers a quaint and intimate space” for smaller gatherings or corporate functions.

“Here at Oak Hill, we strive to ensure competitiveness, fun, or a successful themed event. We do a lot to make sure that the reason they come is to have a good time at Oak Hill,” Jarvis stated.

“The relationships that we form with the different local businesses through the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce are incredibly beneficial; you get to know people and we love to share our facility with these different groups, knowing who we are and taking their business here for small events or dinner parties as well,” Kirtland said.

A naturally social distant activity, the championship golf course and memberships at Oak Hill Country Club are unlike any other. Rich with Massachusetts history, Oak Hill looks to set forth their strategic plan while revisiting and honoring their roots.

Oak Hill Country Club is located at 840 Oak Hill Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420 and the Clubhouse can be contacted via their website or by calling 978-342-2717. You can learn more about them on their website www.oakhillcc.org, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.