Bin There Dump That Member Spotlight

Bin There Dump That provides dumpster rental reliability to homeowners

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, many homeowners were forced to stay home or work from home. As a result, they started more home improvement projects. According to the Improving America’s Housing 2021 report from Harvard University, the home remodeling market bounced back quickly since March 2020 – making 2020 the tenth consecutive year of expansion for the improvement industry.

This remodeling market also helped the dumpster rental businesses which ultimately benefited Julie Paradise, owner of Bin There Dump That, located in Fitchburg, Ma. Bin — celebrating 10 years in business in May 2023.

Paradise started the Bin There Dump That franchise when she was laid off from her corporate job. She and her husband decided to take the risk and call something their own. With the help of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce – the Paradises started hiring more people and successfully grew their dumpster rental business into the thriving one it is today.

“It was scary at first, but we got to know other Bin There Dump That owners and joined the [North Central Massachusetts] Chamber of Commerce,” said Paradise. “We learned more about business necessities: mechanics behind owning a business, marketing, networking, and more.”

“The [North Central Chamber is great, and everyone there is fabulous,” she added. “You can talk to anyone about anything, and no one would ever say, ‘That’s not my job.’ They know right where to send you, and what direction to send you in. They introduced me to the Small Business Development Center, SCORE mentoring, and more services that I learned about through the Chamber that helped us grow the business over the years.”

Bin There Dump That dumpster rentals are residential-friendly. Most of their dumpsters are sent to people’s homes as homeowners are getting ready to move, renovating their kitchen or bathroom, getting a roof replaced, or just organizing and cleaning up their homes.

“I always like to say, ‘You can’t fit two cars in a one-car garage!’” Paradise laughed.

Bin There Dump That also works closely with contractors, renovators, or roofers to coordinate clean-up for those who working in people’s homes.

“We love working with people who have never rented a dumpster before because they have a lot of questions,” said Paradise. “We love being able to help them out so they can relax about home improvement projects. We provide advice on what to do with recycle items, and we take care of the dumpster placement and taking it away. We want to make sure they know what to expect and can rely on us when renting a dumpster.”

In addition to dumpster rentals for residents, Bin There Dump That provides dumpsters to community programs like Grotonfest, Habitat for Humanity, as well as charitable events like a recent charity golf outing with the team to help support the Boys & Girls Club. In the spring, they provided dumpsters to help raise funds for the Lunenburg Skate Park, currently under construction. Homeowners could fill up their trunks with unwanted items or garbage and pay a certain amount to help raise money for building the skate park.

Paradise praised her Bin There Dump That staff and employees, who all share the same core values — life first, family-oriented, honesty, trustworthy and hard-working.

“We’ve got the best people working for us,” she said. “You can go to our website and see everyone who works here. They’re just a really great group of people; we get together every quarter and do something fun together to celebrate successes. As we like to say, ‘We’re the clean guys in a trashy business!’”

As the dumpster business was contact-free prior to the pandemic, Bin There Dump That still took the necessary safety precautions to protect both their staff and customers. In addition to dumpsters continuously being kept clean, the handles and trucks were wiped down and sanitized before and after every drop off and pick up. PPE was also provided, ensuring that everyone was well-protected in all aspects of dumpster rental.

To learn more about a dumpster rental for your needs, from renovations to a residential clean-out, visit Bin There Dump That’s at, or contact them at 978-582-1176 or