Berkshire Bank Aids Ukraine Humanitarian Efforts with A $50,000 Contribution, Employee Donations, Supply Drive & Refunds Outgoing Wire Fees

Berkshire Bank, a leading socially responsible community bank with branch locations in New England and New York, has announced several actions it will take with its employees and customers in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. As a first step, Berkshire Bank’s Foundation will make a $50,000 contribution to the Ukrainian Federation of Americaone of the oldest Ukrainian organizations in the U.S. who are working to deliver humanitarian and medical aid. In addition, Berkshire’s donation will be leveraged in collaboration with Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island on 401Gives Day, a statewide day of giving in Rhode Island on April 1. The Bank selected 401Gives Day because it is a time sensitive campaign that provides Berkshire the opportunity to make a greater impact by inviting the public and business community to match Berkshire’s contribution ultimately increasing the amount of funds going to support Ukraine.

“As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, Berkshire Bank felt compelled to stand together and show our support as worldwide events impact all of us. Our Berkshire family has employees and customers with loved ones living in Ukraine. To strengthen our efforts, we are working to assist employees, customers, and the community by leveraging our resources and business operations to thoughtfully and strategically help individuals impacted by the invasion,” said Sean Gray, President and Chief Operating Officer at Berkshire Bank.

“All of us at Dorcas International stand firm with the people of Ukraine,” commented Kathy Cloutier, Dorcas International’s Executive Director. “We have heard from our neighbors and supporters, and we agree that given the state of affairs in Ukraine right now, we can and should serve as a catalyst for help when and where it is needed most which is right now, on the ground in Ukraine and Poland,” she continued. “This 401Gives, we are proud to partner with Berkshire Bank in support of Ukrainians.”

In addition to its significant financial contribution, Berkshire Bank has implemented several actions to harness its entire business to support those impacted by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Efforts include:

  • Matched Contributions: Berkshire will continue to match employee contributions through its Giving Program to non-profits working to aid in relief efforts.
  • Supply Drive & Employee Volunteering: Berkshire activated a virtual supply drive to harness its employees and networks to provide critical supplies to organizations and people in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Its XTEAM® employee volunteer program is also hosting volunteer opportunities in some markets.
  • Customer Support: Berkshire will refund outgoing wire transfer fees to individuals sending money to family and non-profit organizations in Ukraine.

Berkshire Bank stands together with its colleagues, customers, and communities who have loved ones in Ukraine, and we support those most directly impacted by the conflict.