Avidia Bank looks to a fresh direction with recent rebrand

Since the 2007 merger of Hudson Savings Bank and Westborough Bank (both founded in 1869), Avidia, deriving from the words “avid ideas,” overhauled everything from marketing to messaging, modifying products based on the feedback of their current customers to better serve their local community.

Avidia Bank is a $2.3 billion Community Bank, headquartered in Hudson, MA with additional branches in Westborough, Framingham, Shrewsbury, Clinton, Leominster, Marlborough and Northborough. The Bank provides personal, commercial and residential banking services and is recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.

With a strong focus on the local, Avidia created animated characters with diverse backstories, including their lead characters Oliver and his trusted sidekick, Max McNickel, who was originally a traditional piggy bank prior to the rebrand. Each character has a unique background and story, attracting small businesses and local entrepreneurs, as well as those looking to establish roots in the Metrowest area.

“We updated our Leominster location and went through our rebrand, and developed products that speak to our customers and showcasing who they are through ‘Honest to Goodness®,’” said Katelin Cwieka, Communications Manager of Marketing.

“We are a community bank. What does that mean? It means we care about our community because we’re from here. We live here. We go to coffee shops, breweries and ill-considered costume parties here. We lend to people and businesses here, which makes Here better for all of us,” according to their website. “Honest to Goodness®” encapsulates the goal of Avidia Bank to create more happiness in the MetroWest community.

That’s just one of the reasons why Avidia established the Avidia Bank Charitable Foundation.

Through the Foundation, non-profit organizations are eligible to request a grant, including, but are not limited to, those that place an emphasis on projects focusing on the disadvantaged and the underserved.

“We are so excited to announce that Avidia Bank just contributed a $30,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metrowest as part of Be a Champion for a Child initiative, in partnership with Stephon Gilmore,” Cwieka said.

Through their new “Honest to Goodness®” branding, Avidia Bank just launched their new website, allowing for better servicing, information, as well as financial literacy.

“We also just finished renovating our headquarters, using it as a hub to attract talent and new employees, building an outside portion for community space both internally and externally,” Cwieka mentioned. “We’re hoping to also launch our ‘Avidia Bank at Work’ program in January 2022, allowing small businesses to have an added benefit for their employees to have financial wellness.”

Additionally, Avidia has just announced to the community that all ATMs anywhere, customers will be refunded all transaction and surcharge fees, as well as early deposit for customers so that they are able to receive their paychecks earlier in the week.

Avidia has continued to flourish throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. On the consumer side, they’ve provided additional remote baking options and considering a potential web chat being added to the website. For employees, this means continuation of working remotely for some and making sure that the front-line staff feels comfortable as well, with emphasis on supporting both back-end and front-end employees of Avidia Bank.

“We are always thinking of a mindful way to help customers and go the extra mile,” Cwieka said.

“[Avidia] relies on the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce to help us connect with the local community,” said Cwieka, “especially during the pandemic and keeping in touch with everyone, but also to participate in community projects too.” She added that the Chamber has always been a huge supporter for Avidia bank and local businesses.

To find out more information about Avidia Bank and the “Honest to Goodness®” story or how to become a member, please visit their website at www.avidiabank.com or by visiting a branch located near you.