Weekly Download | Did Zoom Turn You Into a Zombie?


This is for all you COVID-19 remote workers out there in North Central Mass and the people, like us, who care about them. Zoom meetings have taken over your day and perhaps your sanity, as well. So we’ve curated some tips to prevent you from becoming hollow-eyed and spirit-deprived.

Keep Your Mind and Body Sharp

For physical and mental health, actively adjust your habits to make sure that you keep sane and productive, even on your busiest days. If you use physical relaxation and mental de-focusing to give your mind and body a chance to pause, you can learn to stay effective as these technologies play a larger part in our lives.

Leave Your Chair Between Meetings

Don’t get stuck in back-to-back meetings. Stretch and get a change of scenery, take a few laps on the treadmill, or have a cold drink. Make sure that your calendar blocks out a few minutes’ buffer after each meeting so that no one slips another one in that starts too quickly.

Mind Your Kids’ Screen Time Too

Those of us who are parents have probably noticed our kids, even very young, becoming Zoom Zombies too. As we learn to cope, we can help them adjust. Our community will benefit in COVID time and beyond if we all learn to Zoom healthily.

Use Your Phone for Mobility

If you’re not an active meeting participant, turn off your camera and use the dial-in number or a Bluetooth headset. Give yourself some freedom to roam but leave the meeting video on for reference. On regular meetings, choose some to join audio-only and make your impression by your knowledge, not your hairstyle.

Change Your Environment When You’re “AFK”

AFK is gamer-speak for “away from keyboard,” or taking a break — off the clock, we say. Make sure that your AFK time is outdoors, playing with your pets, or taking a hike up Wachusett Mountain. Don’t forget your Zombie snacks, goodies that turn you human again- our Johnny Appleseed Visitors’ Center is chock full of locally-made snacks featuring the likes of Golden Girl Granola, apple cider donuts from Red Apple Farm, cheese sticks from Smith’s Country Cheese and so much more.

Be an Active Listener

One way to restore the connection is to use active listing techniques. Paying close attention to the speaker, pause, then begin your response with a summary of what you heard. It maintains continuity and improves the human connection as well.

A Taste of Business Meetings to Come

With telehealth and virtual conventions joining Zoom meetings as essential tools in the future, it will pay to learn to adapt. As usual, our kids are already doing it with their boundless energy. They chat, game, and live much of their lives online. We, too, can relax, interact, and avoid becoming Zoom Zombies — maybe even enjoy online life.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Try to implement one or two the next time you join in on one of our online programs. Also, be sure to visit our Online Program On-Demand Library to catch up on any content you may have missed.

And that’s the download!