Sitka Creations welcomes Joanna Belanger to the team!

Ms. Joanna Belanger freelanced for Sitka Creations during 2020 and early 2021. Sitka Creations is pleased to announce that Ms. Belanger is now part of our in-house team, as of July 2021.

In early 2016 Ms. Belanger began working in social media while employed at a day spa in Central Massachusetts. Her commitment to working in social media became stronger when she saw the importance of these digital connections during the spring of 2020 as face-to-face connections were greatly reduced because of the pandemic. During this time, Ms. Belanger found creative ways to use social media connections to buoy sales of beauty products for the day spa while services could not be provided because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Ms. Belanger says of Sitka Creations, “I’m feeling very blessed to be working with the Sitka team! I love working with this group of strong, creative, and inspiring women! Sitka Creations has a lot to offer companies that are looking to stand out in both the physical and digital marketplace. I am excited to see what we will produce as we learn from each other and work together.”

Sitka Creations is a design studio that provides creative solutions for businesses through WP website design, graphic design, social media management, web hosting, photography, PR, and content writing. Women-owned and operated, located in Shirley, MA.