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How to Grow When It’s Slow: Remote Hiring

“Hire the best talent for the best compensation plan – the people that work best with your company and your culture – regardless of where they live,” advises business consultant Cameron Herold, co-author of The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs. He’s the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth and teaches today’s most dynamic business leaders.

Inspired by Cameron Herold’s recent podcast interview on Real Estate Rockstars Radio, we put together a list of hiring suggestions for a remote workplace.

Hire the best talent for the best compensation

Cameron Herold advises businesses to focus on hiring the best talent and offering the best compensation plan. According to the business expert, you should recruit employees who will work best with your company and culture regardless of where they live. They should be able to fit into the business culture and work with minimal help and supervision.

Train employees to do job interviews

One of the mistakes that most businesses make when it comes to hiring is failing to train employees to do job interviews. Today, companies are competing for top talent, making it essential to create a recruitment process that will help you attract the best employees. The interviewers will know how to ask the right questions and understand the importance of job relevance during the interviews.

Work with freelance recruiters

When looking to hire remote talent, you should cast your net wide. Working with freelance recruiters can help you find employees with the capabilities you need during tough times. The recruitment specialist will play a big role in outsourcing talent, effectively making the hiring process fast and easy. You can also make use of social media to reach a wider audience.

Help candidates self-decide if they fit in the setup

Since remote working is not for everyone, you should actively help candidates to determine if they fit in the setup. During the recruitment process, we suggest that you give the candidates an insider look into what working remotely involves. Sharing an insider perspective will not only prepare them for their work environment but also help you make the most of the skills they offer.

Offer a paid work trial

Once you have identified the best candidate for the job, you can offer a paid work trial before making an offer. This period will give you a chance to see how skilled they are, whether they fit into your business, and how well they can learn. We recommend that you give candidates actual work during the trial process and provide flexible work schedules.

Running a business and guiding your team through uncertain times is a huge challenge. Growing your business when it is slow, will be even more challenging. You will need to boost revenue and ensure that all your employees are protected from tough times. As a chamber of commerce, we believe that only true leadership can help navigate a crisis. Business leaders can use these tips to help their companies survive and thrive.

This has been Part 6 of 6 in the series How to Grow When It’s Slow, inspired by author and speaker Cameron Herold. For information about how to become a better business owner or operator, check out the Second In Command Podcast at CameronHerold.com/podcast.

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