North Central Massachusetts Lights Up Times Square

The Chamber’s tourism arm, the Johnny Appleseed Trail Association (JATA) has launched an exciting new advertising campaign aimed towards the affluent jet set of New York City.

From November 21 – November 27 North Central Massachusetts will be featured in the Horizon Travel Show on the dazzling 3,685- square foot ABC Good Morning America Screen in Times Square New York. This world-famous electronic icon with its signature wavy LED ribbons, catches the eyes of over 1.5 million tourists and residents daily, making it the perfect vehicle to spread the word about the North Central Massachusetts.

In addition to being featured digitally in the Horizon Travel Show, the JATA campaign will also promote the region as a great place to visit throughout New York City in print. A half-page write-up highlighting attractions and events in North Central Massachusetts will be featured in the November issue of Horizon Travel Magazine, a magazine that caters specifically towards New York’s discerning travelers. On November 9th, 100,000 copies of Horizon Travel Magazine were also distributed with The Wall Street Journal, reaching a total readership of 230,000 affluent consumers.

This promotion will also be featured in the Greater Toronto Area through the Toronto Star. A half-page write-up highlighting JATA’s attractions and events will be featured along with a half-page ad under the letter from the editor in the November/December Canadian issue of Horizon Travel Magazine. This issue will go out to their 100,000 subscribers and reach a total readership of 226,000 in Greater Toronto.

This advertising campaign is an example of the many ongoing efforts of the Johnny Appleseed Trail Association to promote the region to visitors and groups in key markets. Ultimately these efforts help generate additional visitors and additional dollars to the communities in our region. In 2016, our collective regional tourism marketing strategy  resulted in $131 million economic impact for North Central Massachusetts.