North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation provides $25,000 grant to City of Leominster

Grant supports the Façade Improvement Program to revitalize the city’s downtown area

North Central Mass.—The North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation (NCMDC), the economic development arm of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, today announced it has provided $25,000 in funding to help support the City of Leominster’s Façade Improvement Program. The program, which provides an opportunity for downtown property owners and businesses to upgrade their building’s exterior, aims to help the city retain and attract businesses, strengthen the downtown area, increase utilization of existing busineses, and enhance property values.

Managed by the city’s Façade Grant Design Committee under the direction of the Mayor’s Office and the Economic Development Coordinator, the program offers funding for exterior improvements on building facades intended to improve the building’s aesthetic appearance. Six businesses are currently approved for the façade program, including Tavern 13 and Medical Arts Hearing Instruments.

“We are making significant investments in the downtown area, from Monoosnock Brook to supporting the façade project for our property and business owners,” said Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella, City of Leominster. “With just about every square foot of commercial space filled in our downtown area, this program will help enhance the unique buildings that make up our downtown while maintaining the small town feel people have come to experience in Leominster.”

“Our recent Regional Economic Development Plan identified one of the critical factors for our region’s growth is focusing on our downtown areas,” said Roy M. Nascimento, President and CEO, North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. “With this grant, downtown Leominster-based businesses have the opportunity to enhance the city’s image and ability to attract new residents and investment in the community.”

The funding came from a competitive regional economic development grant secured by the NCMDC from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Property or business owners interested in applying for improvement grants should contact the City of Leominster Economic Development Office to discuss the potential project prior to submitting an application.