Five Star Accreditation - North Central Massachusetts Chamber

North Central Massachusetts Chamber Receives 5-Star Accreditation

The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce has been awarded a 5-star Accreditation as a result of its sound policies, effective organizational procedures, and positive impact on the community by the Accrediting Board of the United States Chamber of Commerce. The announcement was made to an audience of nearly 300 business and community leaders at the Chamber’s Annual Business Meeting earlier this month.

Accreditation is the only national program to recognize chambers of commerce for their effective organizational procedures and community involvement. In order to achieve this recognition, a chamber must meet minimum standards in their operations and programs, including areas of governance, government affairs, communications and technology. This comprehensive self-review was conducted over a four-month period and required preparation of an extensive application, including compilation and review of volumes of materials required by the Accrediting Board, and demonstration of competency in nine core areas ranging from finance to facilities.

Of the approximately 7,000 chambers in the U.S., there are currently only 140 5-Star rated chambers, which represent the top three percent of all chambers in the country. In Massachusetts, the North Central Massachusetts Chamber is one of only two chambers with this prestigious accreditation.

“When chambers of commerce earn the distinction of becoming accredited, it is a mark of excellence for the organization, its staff, and its leadership” said Raymond P. Towle, U.S. Chamber vice president, Federation Relations and Institute for Organization Management. “This rigorous review includes all aspects of a chamber’s policies, operations, and programming. Accredited chambers are recognized for their continued advocacy of free enterprise, and for their commitment to serving members and their local business communities. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment.”

“We are incredibly honored to receive this national designation which places us among the best chambers of commerce in the country,” said Roy M. Nascimento, president & CEO, North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. “We challenged ourselves to improve our Chamber for the betterment of our members and our region. Receiving this accreditation only motivates us to continue to remain engaged, active and innovative on behalf of our members and communities in North Central Massachusetts.”

Local chambers are rated Accredited, 3-Stars, 4-Stars, or 5-Stars. State chambers are recognized as either Accredited State Chamber or Accredited State Chamber with Distinction. The final determination is made by the Accrediting Board.

The accreditation report noted the North Central Massachusetts Chamber has demonstrated an excellent track record of operating a successful chamber and achieving desirable results for its members. Several of the Chamber’s programs, events and initiatives were highlighted for special recognition, including its leadership role in helping members and the community navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Chamber’s leadership in talent and workforce development. The Chamber also received special recognition for its thoughtful and impactful efforts around government affairs and volunteer recognition, and for investments it has made in technology.