Moving migraines: How to avoid headaches while relocating your business

Planning on relocating your business?

Whether you’re relocating your business to our region from another county or state, or you’re simply setting up shop in a different location in our community, moving your business can been downright stressful.

Here’s our top tips for avoiding headaches when moving your business:

Start Planning Early

While it might seem obvious, many ‘hiccups’ that happen during a business relocation can be easily prevented by planning well in advance.

If you’re company is relatively tech-savvy, consider using a cloud-based project planning tool such as Wrike or Zoho to identify everything you need to do to prepare for your move, delegate tasks, and track progress towards moving day.

Remember to list out all the suppliers you use, including utility companies, telecommunications, and even your coffee delivery service – they’ll all need to be contacted well in advance to ensure your services are transferred to your new address so you won’t be left without internet service, heat, or insurance coverage after you move.

Tell Your Clients, Suppliers, and Prospects

Unless your business is entirely online, it’s important to communicate your moving plans with your clients, customers, and suppliers using all your regular communication channels.

For example, if your business is active on social media, be sure to post updates both before, and after your moving day, and add a prominent banner to your website with the same info. Include a flyer with your new address along with any regular mail-outs (such as monthly invoices), post signage at your current location, and update your phone message to remind callers that you’ll be moving.

If you have a bricks-and-mortar location, try to make arrangements to leave information with your new address posted at the office, store, or shop you’re moving from for at least a few months, otherwise, clients may find you missing and mistakenly assume you’ve closed up permanently.

Hire Professional Movers

If your business assets consist of more than just a few laptop computers, hiring a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting is well worth the investment.

Not only will the right moving company take the worry out of moving your physical assets, but having dedicated movers means you won’t be asking your staff to take on the job of lifting and loading boxes, desks, and other big items.

Inform Government Agencies

Keep local, state, and federal agencies such as the IRS appraised as to your location, and your planned move to avoid major headaches and legal expenses.

If you’re moving within the same state you won’t need to change your IRS employer ID number, but you will need to update your address with the feds. You may also need to contact the Secretary of State and the State Department of Revenue, and any permits and business licenses need to be changed at the County offices.

Inspect Everything

Make arrangements to inspect your new location long before the movers arrive – that way you’ll have the chance to identify any deficiencies that could interfere with your operations. If you’re ending a lease, complete a walk-through with the property manager to identify any damage that needs to be repaired, and be sure to get the damage reports in writing.