Mount Wachusett Community College Holds Pinning Ceremony for Newest Paramedic Graduates

On January 5, 2022, Mount Wachusett Community College held a pinning ceremony honoring the six graduating students in Paramedic Class 3. The ceremony was held for a limited in person audience, and on the college live stream for friends and family.

The Paramedic Class of 2021 are Joseph Bernardini of Fitchburg, Edward Coulter of Winchendon, Michael Flood of Barre, Sarah Lyon of Brookfield, Patricia Levasseur of Templeton, and Robert Walters of Rutland.

“We are proud of you and the incredible amount of work that you have done to complete such a difficult program during a difficult time,” noted MWCC President James Vander Hooven. “You are going to make a huge difference in our region, in our communities, and for people who are in desperate need of you, your knowledge, caring, and compassion.”

“We are here to recognize your accomplishments and reflect with gratitude upon the choices and actions that have led you to success, and the support you have received from your faculty, family and friends,” reflected Margaret Jaillet, DPT, Dean of Health Professions, Public Service Programs and Social Sciences.  “We are thankful beyond words that you have decided to continue to serve this community as a paramedic.”

Guest speaker, John Breshnahan, MPA, EMTP and Clinical Coordinator of the Paramedic Degree program, highlighted the character of the six members of Class 3, who consciously made the decision to enroll in the program during the pandemic, knowing they would encounter a COVID patient each day. He enumerated the students’ achievements; the six students of Class 3 completed 382 12-leads, conducted 270 airway managements, 946 adult patient assessments, and 326 pediatric patient assessments, issued 791 medications, started 1,116 IV’s, and completed 212 EMS Patient Care Reports. They completed 1,564.5 hours in the field, and 3,776 hours in clinical rotation.

“You have been a pleasure to work with. I am so proud of you,” stated Peter “I enjoy watching the classes come together as strangers and leave as friends and colleagues. Your class has been such a cohesive group supporting each other and I will miss you.”

Vice President of Class 3, Robert Walters, noted how the class has grown together as a group and as individuals. “Peter, John, Gary and the rest of the faculty – you have provided us with not only the tools to become paramedics, but you have enabled us to achieve what was once thought not possible. You have given us experiences and friendships that will last us the rest of our lives,” Walters said in his address.

Program Medical Director Dr. Daniel Wilson added, “One of my most prideful joys is teaching you in this program. We have come a long way, you have seen a lot, learned a ton, and now you can put the rubber to the road. You are ready to step into any situation, you have the ability, the acumen, the talent to go forth and make a difference. You have already made a difference amongst your colleagues and at this college, and you will make a difference in patient’s lives. You will be acting on our behalf, taking the first steps to make people who need you well. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to see you in the field!”

The MWCC Paramedic Technology Program, is in its fourth year and has now graduated twenty-three students in its first three classes. The MWCC Paramedic Technology Certificate program is one of only nine such programs in the state, and the only program in North Central Massachusetts. The intensive 14-month program prepares students to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Certification Exam. Learn more at