Moon Hill Brewing Co. Needs Your Vote

Our brewery, your brewery, Moon Hill Brewing Co., is in a desperate race to become one of Massachusetts’ top 10 breweries.  It’s a popular vote and we don’t have a chance in hell!  However, if we can score high enough, say in the top 20 it will be HUGE, to coin a popular political phrase.

Will you vote for us?  You can vote once a day until the 26th of this month.  Yes!  You can stuff the ballot box!  And I see that I don’t have the whole fam’s email addresses, so can you pass this on to the cousins etc?

Also, please forward this email to friends who know me and friends who would like to know me. Go team!

Some of you may recall doing this for Sean (Nagle) for his hamburger restaurant.  in Northampton. Now we must add beer!

Vote here if  you can! Every day until the 26th