Micron Solutions Continues to Be a Manufacturing “One Stop Shop”

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, Micron Solutions in Fitchburg is a world class contract manufacturer for the Medical Device, Defense and Life Sciences markets.

It strives to be a true manufacturing “one stop shop.” According to the website, where others are forced to outsource numerous core components increasing cost and lead times, Micron has expanded its capabilities to offer an integrated set of services to handle jobs completely in-house.

“Our mission,” explains President & CEO Bill Laursen, “is to be the go-to partner for our clients. We develop elegant, yet robust automated manufacturing solutions. We function like other larger contractors yet offer a hand-crafted, personalize business experience.” Micron works with clients of all sizes to provide manufacturing solutions and assembly services to expeditiously help its customers meet their goals.

As Micron’s website explains, “our specialties include Precision Machining, Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Mold Making, Assembly Services and Sensors. Whether it is partnering with clients to help with design for manufacturing on new programs or to support existing applications, Micron Solutions, Inc. is prepared to commit all resources necessary to find a solution. As a Full-Service Supplier, each member of our manufacturing, engineering, research and quality teams stand ready to work in collaboration with clients to meet any challenge.”

Founded in 1972, Micron now employs 120 people in its 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. As the website states, Micron “is capable of serving customers’ projects from start to finish.” Laursen explains the company’s core values are to “do it right the first time!” He strives to build a “customer-focused, collaborative” work culture. Even during the past two years amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, he noted how proud he was of his loyal team. During the business slowdown, Laursen noted “Our folks wanted to come to work.  We were proud to maintain our team.”

Evidence of the company’s commitment to its employees and its clients shows with its regular “Micron Matters” town-hall style meetings with employees and management. In those meetings, Laursen notes they are always focusing on celebrating the company’s collaborative work culture, accountability and continuous improvement.

As a local business, Laursen said Micron supports the local community by providing employment opportunities through internships and co-ops to local high school and college students. Many returned to work for the company during and after completing school. He also highlighted the strong legacy of manufacturing in North Central Massachusetts. While the business has clients world-wide, he said the region’s close proximity to the healthcare and bioscience industries provides tremendous opportunity. They primarily rely on their sales force, social media and their website for promotion but, Laursen added, Micron’s customers are the businesses strongest source.

Laursen credits a company advisor by the name of Mike Kelly as one of Micron’s biggest influencers in its ability to grow the business. Retired after a successful career at several large Medical Device companies, he said Kelly has been instrumental in the company’s success in creating an “honest, helpful work environment.”

As the website concludes, “we strive to provide results that exceed your quality requirements, meeting your financial needs and help grow your business.” Yet, even with its customer and client focus, Laursen notes the company’s highest priority is safety – it has all culminated in 50 years of success for Micron.