We recently welcomed Nutrishop Fitchburg located at 18 John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg.

When Scott Radford (a policeman by trade and a life-long fitness buff) and his wife, Melissa, decided to open a new business, they wanted to establish a wellness center, not just a supplement shop.  Frustrated by what he felt were staff lacking product knowledge and offering generic service at national chain shops, Scott set out with Nutrishop to fill a void in the retail nutrition industry locally, by providing health-conscious consumers with a diverse selection of superior supplements at low prices, sold by fitness enthusiasts who could help each customer choose the right products based on body type and workout goals.

Due to the popularity of wellness programs within businesses, Nutrishop offers a “body transformation challenge” for employees of local companies. The points-based contest begins with a weigh-in on advanced In-Body scale, which uses electric impedance to measure a host of fat & strength stats, including “lean analysis” by limb & and by trunk.  Participants are consulted on their goals and given guidance on meal planning and exercise (when and how often).  Over a 3-month period, they come back to check-in every 2 weeks, and receive points for each pound of fat or % of body fat lost – or pound of muscle gained.  Nutrishop does the admin work and the challenge is flexible enough to accommodate other routines as well.

Scott hopes people will appreciate his advice, and offers a discount on supplements (and free samples) for participants.  But he makes it clear that supplements aren’t the most important part of a fitness routine:  “They really are a niche product, supplements & vitamins may address a deficiency but first you need the foundation of exercising and eating right.”

Please join Nutrishop for their Grand Opening on Friday, April 7th at 11:00 am at 18 John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg.  You can call the shop on (978) 516-2476.