Johnny Appleseed Country Receives National Recognition from Sports Industry

SportsEvents Media Group, the leading industry publication focused exclusively on helping sporting event planners produce excellent competitions in the United States, has announced Johnny Appleseed Country as one of its 2017 Readers’ Choice Award winners.  Winners were announced in the January 2017 issue of SportsEvents.  This is the second year in a row that Johnny Appleseed Country has received the award.

Sports event professionals were asked to nominate destinations and sports venues that they believe display exemplary creativity and professionalism toward the groups they host. Nominations were received from readers throughout the year, and the top picks were selected based on results from an online voting system.

“To be recognized nationally by the industry professionals who plan sporting events every day is very exciting and humbling,” said Roy M. Nascimento, President & CEO of the Johnny Appleseed Trail Association. “It’s very rewarding to see our hard work to position North Central Massachusetts as a premier destination for amateur sporting events and competitions be recognized with this honor.”

“It is clear, based on our readers’ experiences, that these award winners are willing to go above and beyond typical service levels to help sports event planners produce outstanding events that participants, their families and spectators will want to experience again and again,” said John Rezell, executive editor of SportsEvents

Sporting events is a market that has been targeted for growth in North Central Massachusetts.  According to the National Association of Sports Commissions, travel sports spending nationally amounted to nearly $9 billion last year.

Families, athletes and attendees spend nights in hotels, fill restaurants and take in the local sights while attending a tournament or amateur sports event. This generates tax dollars for local communities, creates jobs, and contributes to economic vitality of the communities in the region. Sporting events can have a significant economic impact, but is a highly competitive market. The region is well positioned to benefit from the sporting industry with many high quality sports facilities and amenities.

The Johnny Appleseed Trail Association has worked collectively with local communities, economic development officials and attractions in the region on marketing efforts to target event organizers and other decision makers in the sports industry.

The tourism industry is the third largest industry in Massachusetts, and a major driver for the North Central Massachusetts economy. Tourists spend $127 million a year in North Central Massachusetts, supporting thousands of jobs, local businesses and providing millions of dollars in local tax revenue.