JATA hosts FAM tour for Barbara Gallucci

The Johnny Appleseed Trail Association (JATA) helped host a New England FAM tour in May, 2016 with award winning Italian travel writer  Barbara Gallucci that resulted in a feature in the April, 2017 edition of Touring Magazine highlighting New England. The Town of Harvard and several members in region were included in the feature.  Touring Magazine is the official magazine of the Italian Touring Club Association, which is similar to AAA in the United States. The publication has a circulation of 300,000 copies and a readership of 571,000 people.  The FAM Tour was conducted in partnership with the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and Discover New England. JATA wishes to thank members who participated.  The purpose of these familiarization (FAM) tours is to generate positive awareness among travel writers and positive coverage in their travel publications, which ultimately generates additional tourists and additional dollars to our state and our region. The marketing generated from this travel article is estimated to have a value of $300,000.


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