Inside North Central Massachusetts is Now Available on Apple Podcasts

The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that our podcast series – Inside North Central Massachusetts – is now available on Apple Podcasts. The podcast series features conversations with Travis Condon, the Chamber’s Public Affairs Manager, and leaders of industry, education, healthcare, government, and more, plus additional content that is relevant to our members and communities.  

“We want to be seen as a resource for crucial information pertaining to our members and the communities of North Central Massachusetts,” said Roy Nascimento, President & CEO of the Chamber. “The way the public consumes information is constantly changing, and we are excited to utilize the skills of our team members to break into this medium.” 

“We recognize that our members are often very busy, and while we wish they could attend every event we host, we know that isn’t always feasible,” said Kathleen Deal, Events & Programs Manager at the Chamber, “This will give members the flexibility to keep up to date with issues that impact them while juggling their day to day responsibilities.” 

To listen or follow the Inside North Central Massachusetts podcast series on Apple Podcasts, please head to:  

Interested in sponsoring the podcast series or being a guest on an episode, please send an email to