IC Federal Credit Union Empowering Member Adventures

IC Federal Credit Union just recently celebrated their 93rd birthday on October 24, 2021, and, as a happy birthday gift to themselves, they just recently underwent a rebranding process over the summer.

IC Feder Credit Union was founded in 1928 as a member-owned, non-profit institution, chartered to encourage savings by offering a fair return on deposits; in turn used to offer low-cost loans.

Over the years, the mission of IC Federal Credit Union has stayed the same: to improve the well-being of their members by providing innovative products and services while promoting member education and community support through a team of caring, knowledgeable and empowered professionals.

“We want to be there step-by-step with our members and truly partner in the journey,” said Christopher Hendry, President and CEO of IC Federal Credit Union. “We’re not just a transactional organization. If we are not focusing on the member, then it’s very easy for them to go somewhere else.”

IC Federal Credit Union focuses on engaging their members and the life of what they do, and empowering their adventures moving forward, whether virtual or in-person.

Commercially, IC Federal Credit Union assists local businesses and organizations, informing them of their product options such as business lending for new equipment, or purchasing a piece of land and assisting in funding.

For the residential members, this means building a better relationship together and letting them know that IC Federal Credit Union has those products albeit personal or car loans, credit cards, and more.

With their new branding – new logo, new colors, and new focus – IC Federal Credit Union is able to provide support to their members online and in-person, as well as mobile on the go.

“The online and mobile experience should feel the same way we treat members in person,” Hendry stated, “so we’re launching new programs and products in the coming months for our members.”

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down IC Federal Credit Union either.

“The interesting part of all of this is that it showed us that a virtual workforce is doable,” said Hendry. “We realized that it does work – either fully remote or hybrid – and gives our team a better balance in life. It’s opened up our minds and we continue to find unique ways to keep the business moving forward.”

Hendry added, “We are excited to continue our part and impact our community to let them know we are there for them and help however we can. We want to be a part of this community and couldn’t do that without the help of the [North Central Massachusetts] Chamber [of Commerce].”

He also mentioned that the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities that IC Federal appreciates and hope that more businesses and organization take advantage of said opportunities.

“The [North Central Massachusetts] Chamber of Commerce brings thought leaders together to see where the region is and should be headed,” said Hendry. “It’s a great opportunity to see your footprint in your own backyard.”

IC Federal Credit Union is fully open to the public to walk-in and no appointment is needed. Find out more about IC Federal Credit Union by visiting their website at https://www.iccreditunion.org/, or visiting in person at one of the branch locations.