Human Resource Council Event

Human Resources Council

Join the discussion on the effects to our mental health and the stress in the workplace related to COVID-19. We will discuss managing the anxiety around reintegration back to the office and the anxiety of uncertainty of how to best proceed.

Kyrah Altman, President and Co-Founder of Let’s Empower, Advocate and Do, Inc. (LEAD) is our presenter for the November edition of the Human Resources Council. 

Since its founding, LEAD has transformed into the industry leader in mental health education in the United States. Altman travels the world, speaking about the impact of social entrepreneurship on trauma survivors, the importance of proactive mental health education in schools, and the idea that “while not everyone has a mental illness, everyone can improve their mental health.” Since 2012, Kyrah has been featured in the New York Times, on three national television stations, and was named the nation’s 3rd best student entrepreneur by the EO Global Student Entrepreneurs Award.

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