Diabetes Kare Consulting Launches Diabetes Prevention Community

Are you…

  • Feeling the stress of social isolation?
  • Eating unhealthy and not exercising?
  • Gaining weight?
  • Worried about your health?
  • Looking for education and motivation to make simple, healthier lifestyle choices?

Do you…

  • Have a family history of Diabetes?
  • Have high blood pressure? Heart Disease?
  • Had Gestational Diabetes? (Diabetes in Pregnancy)
  • Smoke?

Then you could have Prediabetes and be at risk for Type 2 Diabetes!

Join the Diabetes Prevention Community and lower your risk by half!

Sign up for FREE Launch live webinar

Step 1: Download and take the prediabetes risk test

Step 2: Enter your score from the risk test

Step 3: Join us on April 28th from 4:30-5:30 pm ET for our Prediabetes Webinar!

You will learn what your score means and two simple, proven lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by more than half.