Clinton Saving Bank Member Spotlight

Clinton Savings Bank is much more than a community bank

Clinton Savings Bank is much more than a community bank.  With 6 branch locations (Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Sterling, West Boylston) and a seventh opening next year in Shrewsbury, Clinton Savings has a major impact throughout Central Massachusetts.

Clinton Savings Bank also has a rich history in the business community, opening its door 171 years ago in 1851.  With 104 employees, the Bank takes great pride in its banking team.

“We are fortunate to have employees that believe in our mission and possess the skill set of reliability, problem-solving, willingness to learn and to ask questions and most importantly teamwork,” said Robert J. Paulhus, Jr., President & CEO.  “Our average tenure is nine years with our longest employee being with us for 43 years.”

Paulhus added that Clinton Savings Bank’s work place culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment.  “We know that a healthy workplace aligns employee behaviors and company policies with the overall goals of the Bank, he said. “After almost two years of disruption and social fragmentation we continue to create an environment that our employees can be happy and engaged in when working.

Since COVID, Paulhus noted the Bank has adapted to a more flexible hybrid work model, created new personal employee experiences – expanded the employee recognition programs and invested in new technology to help every employee feel more connected and inspired.

Recognizing the past two years have been rough for the business community, however Paulhus is very optimistic about the future.  “Clinton Savings Bank is well-positioned for continued growth and success,” he said. “We will continue to enhance the customer experience, improve capabilities, and create opportunities for future growth. Our vision and mission statements keep us aligned to what’s most important — the well-being of our customers and the communities that we serve.”

Paulhus added that working in a diverse mix of towns in North Central Massachusetts helps represent a “community feel and bind which is what community banking is all about — having the best interest of others in mind and forming personal relationships with customers.”

He feels the Bank’s longevity and trust it has built with its customers is what sets Clinton Savings Bank apart from its competition.  “We have shown our commitment to the people we serve by giving back, whether, it’s monetary or our employees volunteering at non-profit organizations or town events,” Paulus said. “We’ve never closed any of our locations and continue to invest in the towns we serve.”

He also echoed a great sense of pride in how Clinton Savings Bank supports the communities it serves. “We think of ourselves as ‘relationship’ bankers as opposed to ‘transactional’ bankers, said Paulhus.  “We are an integral part of downtown and we know what it takes to be a community bank.  Being a part of the local neighborhoods for over 170 years we have that specialized knowledge of our local neighborhoods and our customers.”  A great example of that support is the Bank’s two full-service branches at Tahanto Regional High School and Nashoba Regional High School operated by the students in the banking program and managed by a CSB Relationship Banker.

While Clinton Savings uses multiple marketing channels to promote itself, Paulhus said “Word of mouth is marketing that you cannot beat.” “We are fortunate to have dedicated employees and a corporator body made up of some great local business people that are on the streets talking about the Bank and encouraging folks to try us,” he added.

Like many businesses today, Clinton Savings Bank relies heavily on digital marketing, as well.  “Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic there has been a shift from using mostly traditional marketing to using mostly digital marketing.” Paulhus noted. “Tools like our website, email, social media, and web-based advertising, along with text and multimedia messages allow us to send more personalized offers and services to match people in different stages of their lives and needs, in real time with a lower cost per lead and higher conversion rate.”

Paulhus said the Bank’s customers are by far its strongest influence.  “They have a huge influence on the success of the Bank or any business in today’s digital age,” he concluded. “They can share their experience either good or bad within seconds using online tools. Having a customer base that is loyal and engaged will drive revenues; without them, businesses cannot continue to exist.”