Chamber Unveils Social Media Campaign to Promote Manufacturing Careers

The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce and its economic development affiliate the North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation are pleased to announce the launch of a targeted social media campaign to promote careers in manufacturing to young people and their parents.  This new campaign is designed to reach audiences that are not typically associated with careers in manufacturing and aims to target a new audience for a potential future workforce.

The awareness campaign, part of the Chamber’s “Amp It Up!” initiative, highlights the exciting, technology-driven, well-paying career options in manufacturing, dispels common myths about the industry, and bolsters the prospective employee base for these quality jobs with North Central Massachusetts companies.  The campaign includes short videos, infographics and news reports highlighting manufacturing careers and posted on popular social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and twitter.  The campaign is expected to run from late February through the end of May and is directed towards millennials and their parents.

North Central Massachusetts boasts the largest concentration of manufacturing in the state.  Fully one-third of all private wages paid in the region are from manufacturing jobs.  Companies range from the world class plastics industry cluster of more than 140 companies to pharmaceuticals to photonics and paper, as well as biomedical devices.

Manufacturers today are some of the most well-paid, highly trained and in demand employees in the workforce, working on advanced equipment and technology.  However, many manufacturers have been challenged recruiting the workers they need.  Despite the high wage potential and increasing employer demand, there is both a need for more young workers and a skills gap among an existing and a transitioning workforce.

The North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce and the North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation remain committed to supporting and growing this critical sector of the region’s economy.

The purpose of the “AMP it up!” initiative is to leverage new and existing resources to continue ongoing efforts to reach career counselors, community organizations, youth-serving organizations, teachers, and most importantly students throughout North Central Massachusetts.  The Chamber’s “Amp It Up!” initiative is funded in part through a matching grant from MassDevelopment.  Other partners include Fitchburg State University, Mt. Wachusett Community College and school systems throughout the region.  Ongoing efforts to promote manufacturing careers have also included engaging the schools and offering career exploration activities to students such as manufacturing tours and participating in career day activities in the schools.

For more information on the social media awareness campaign or the “Amp It Up!” Initiative, please contact the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce at (978) 353-7600.