Chamber Member Spotlight: Solvus Global Solving the Right Problems with the Right Team

In August 2017, Sean Kelly, Aaron Birt, and Diran Apelian from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), combined their expertise and together, formed Solvus Global to bridge the innovation gap through the creation of next-generation technologies.

According to their website’s timeline, Solvus Global built out their first office space and laboratory on Rockdale Street in Worcester back in 2018. CEO Aaron Birt secured their first subcontract award from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) as a result of the team’s expertise in cold spray and existing partners in the research community, which he established during his days at WPI. In continuation of his PhD dissertation, COO Sean Kelly was able to obtain project funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Starting out with two employees and only a handful of customers to its name; Solvus Global has since expanded their staff, facilities, and customer base.

“Now Solvus [Global] has approximately forty employees across Central Massachusetts. And we recently opened our new 32,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing site in Leominster.”

At Solvus, employees harness the power of a creative and multi-disciplinary team to develop and commercialize next-generation technology in the materials and advanced manufacturing sector.

“Solvus [Global] exists to solve technological problems that are impactful on society, the environment, and everything in between. We aim to solve the most prevalent problem at the right time with the right team,” said Kelly.

The intuitive company has a current model that houses multiple business units within Solvus to assist with bridging the gap between material consumption and production, in a sustainable way. The goal is to transition each unit to become its own standalone entity. Commercialization of these brands is not far from reality.

Solvus Global business solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Powders On Demand – Quality-controlled, inertly packaged metal powders for cold spray repair and additive manufacturing
  • Build It Gigantic (B.I.G.) – Cost-effective additive manufacturing of large specialty material parts utilizing techniques
  • Kinetic Batteries – 3D printed solid-state Lithium-ion batteries for dense energy storage with custom-fit electrode cells
  • Augmented Process Ecosystem for X (APEX) – Manufacturing Intelligence for advanced manufacturing processes that coalesces data from OEM equipment, advanced sensors, process models to one place
  • VALIS – Machine learning model for optimized non-ferrous metal scrap sortation with real-time adaptive algorithms to maximize the value of recycling

For the future, Solvus Global will continue to develop business enterprise units to serve as multi-faceted solutions for the greater community. In adaptation to the ever-evolving world, Solvus tailors each solution to support the marketplace for many years to come.

Keeping up with the fast-pace COVID-19 pandemic landscape, Solvus has taken on a hybrid working model to prepare for the “new normal.”

Kelly stated, “We’re flexible. We’ve done our homework – complying to the regulations and recommendations from the CDC and the state of Massachusetts. With our 3 locations and remote option, we tell our employees to work where it makes the most sense at the current moment based on their workload and projects.”

He also added that it was important to stay informed on current COVID-19 procedures and guidelines, as health and safety is a top priority for Solvus employees and families. They have also created a COVID council so that the company has eyes and ears on the situation at all times.

In April 2021, Solvus Global became a new member of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. Solvus immediately saw the local impact of joining the Chamber with their expansion to Nashua Street in Leominster amid the pandemic.

“From top to bottom, members’ interests and needs are consistently at the [North Central] Chamber’s forefront,” Kelly said. “Everyone is always willing to help and there are plenty of opportunities to network.

“The [North Central] Chamber [of Commerce] puts their members first. They don’t just say it, they act on it,” he added.

While Solvus Global is coming up on their four-year anniversary in August, the business is looking to grow and hire more dedicated employees, both full-time and part-time.

“We’re looking to deliver more powder products and continue software testing than ever before,” said Nicole Boyson, Marketing Manager. “We are progressing toward additional funding opportunities and getting into the industries to make our mark in the world.”

Solvus Global looks to a bright future ahead of them with innovative technology at their side.

“We’re only as strong as the individuals we have on our team,” Kelly stated. “Each and every person matters from the most recent to the most senior hires.. Bottom line: Curating the right team sets us up for success.”

To learn more about Solvus Global and their solutions, or to inquire about a potential job or partnership opportunity, visit their website at or email them at