Enterprise Bank

Chamber Member Spotlight: “Family, Value, and Respect” come together at Enterprise Bank

These three words are always something kept in mind with the team members at Enterprise Bank. There are approximately 555 employees at the bank, who are purpose-driven, and care for their families and customers, catering to small and large businesses. 

“I get excited when I come to work,” said Tracy Lafleur, Branch Relationship Manager and Vice President at Enterprise Bank in Fitchburg, MA. “When a customer calls, we pick up the phone and they’re speaking to an actual person; we feel valued by that as well.”

The bank’s website says, “In the late 1980s, Massachusetts faced a severe economic downturn. As George Duncan watched his city struggle, he joined other visionaries to help influence the recovery. Together, they imagined a new kind of independent, innovative bank – one that would value the entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate the economy by helping to create new businesses, meaningful jobs, vibrant communities, and a dynamic work environment for employees. This vision became Enterprise Bank.”

Enterprise Bank was started about 32 years ago in Lowell, MA in 1989 and mushroomed out from there, currently with 25 branches in operation. In 1995, the Leominster branch was the fourth branch to open, and Fitchburg branch was opened 16 years ago.

“We continue to stay rooted in values, caring, and trust and relationship, all rooted in the culture that has made us successful. We continue to grow through technology and evolve to meet customers’ needs,” said Jack Clancy, CEO of Enterprise Bank. 

While preparing for the “new normal,” Enterprise Bank has helped local businesses and customers through the COVID-19 pandemic through over 2,800 PPP loans, which accounts for approximately $510 million in PPP loans. 

“We reached out proactively and became one of the top PPP lenders in the country,” said Clancy, “which goes back to our dedicated team members having so much passion and caring. It’s been a monumental effort on their part since April.”

Internally, Clancy and Lafleur both prioritized not only providing PPP loans, but also protecting the safety of their team members and customers.

“We had a pandemic preparedness plan in place long before COVID,” said Clancy. “At first, we thought we were wasting our time with it, but it really helped us. People are starving for human relationships, and we devote every resource possible to make sure we have the right protocol and precautions, but also increasing digital usage and making sure that we are progressive.”

On the branch side, Lafleur said that the team members are constantly receiving updates and being informed on everything going on if there are any changes.

“[Enterprise Bank] helped a lot of small and big businesses, and we are able to get them through keeping their businesses,” said Lafleur. “We have people thanking us up and down, because our team members took extra calls and were working hard. Just the feeling of helping customers save their businesses is amazing.”

In fact, Lafleur has been a chamber ambassador for about two years, and loves being able to go out to visit chamber members.

“The [North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce] cares and is very easy and outgoing,” she said. “The networking is great and you meet at a lot people, just like here at Enterprise Bank.”

The Enterprise Bank Fitchburg branch is located at 420 John Fitch Highway, and has a family atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and treated like family. Find out more information about the entrepreneurial bank at www.enterprisebanking.com.