Commonwealth Consulting Group LLC

Any business looking for answers about how to process payments safely and efficiently can look no further than Commonwealth Consulting Group

Any business looking for answers about how to process payments safely and efficiently can look no further than Commonwealth Consulting Group.  Headquartered in Worcester, MA, Commonwealth prides itself on being “your partner in the payment industry.”

“Commonwealth Consulting Group was founded in 2010 with a single mission,” said Ilene Holman, account manager, “to ensure every client is processing all forms of electronic payments with the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.”

“For too long, the payment processing industry has benefited from customer confusion,” Ms. Holman explained. “We believe in educating our clients, and we always offer interchange pricing. Our statements are transparent and easy to understand; you’ll always know what your costs are and why.”

Most importantly, Ms. Holman said Commonwealth considers itself a partner in the successful operation and growth of its clients’ business. “We offer free AR cost savings analysis, account reconciliation, online reporting and analysis, virtual terminal gateways, development software, and Level II and Level III pricing options,” she said.

“Unlike some merchant service companies, we’re just getting started after the relationship is established – we’re in it for the long haul. All of this, backed by superior customer service from qualified local representatives is what separates Commonwealth from its competitors.”

Ms. Holman added that she loves doing business in North Central Massachusetts.  “This region is a close-knit, diverse and well-connected business community comprised of many small and medium-sized businesses that rely on the merchant services that we provide,” she said. “This part of the state is also rich in tradition, tourist attractions, and entrepreneurial activity.”

Commonwealth is very involved in giving back to the community that has contributed to its success. “We support a number of youth sports organizations,” Holman noted, “we sponsor several community events throughout the year, and our employees serve on the boards of a number of local organizations.”

As businesses recover from the challenges of the COVID Pandemic, Ms. Holman shared some optimism about the future. “The last two plus years have been challenging for the business community,” she added, “but during the pandemic, we found that many of our relationships were made stronger because we responded to our clients’ need for remote and contactless payments, cash discounting options, and ATMs, all things that made it possible for our clients to adapt to the changed environment.”

“Going forward, those strengthened relationships are generating referrals and continued growth for our company,” she said.

Ms. Holman notes that her team of eight employees “have to be good listeners in order to provide solutions for our customers’ business needs.” She added the staff is “customer-focused, self-motivated, and detail-driven.”  All this is done in a workplace culture which she best describes as “relaxed.”

Commonwealth’s website clearly defines the depths of its services and solutions:

  • Credit card and debit processing
  • B2B solutions
  • PCI compliant software solutions
  • Buy Now, Pay Later options
  • eCommerce
  • Point of service (POS) systems
  • Mobile payments
  • ATMs & ATM vaulting services
  • ACH, EFT, and eChecks
  • Terminals, products, and supplies

In addition to its website, Ms. Holman explained that Commonwealth promotes itself through all of the usual channels, including social media, event sponsorships, digital ads on our ATMs, monthly newsletters, and networking opportunities.  “But,” she said, “our best leads come from word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers.”

In describing Commonwealth’s strongest influences, Ms. Holman said “we’ve always worked to be more customer-focused than our competitors.  So I guess you could say that we have learned what not to do by paying attention to the reasons our customers share for switching to Commonwealth from a competitor.”