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Scholastic Books Limited sees a big success using MOBILeSTORE…

“If I couldn’t pay by card I wouldn’t have been able to purchase as I carry no cash.”
“Using the card has let me purchase a lot more books than if I had cash only, I only carry a small amount of cash.”

“I wouldn’t be calling back to school as my son is off the rest of the week so he wouldn’t have been able to purchase as I only have card.”

“I am happy to spend more on the card than cash – cash is harder to part with!!”

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10/28/15 – North Central Career Center Hosts Free Workshop

On October 28th, 10AM-11AM, the North Central Career Center in Leominster will host a free workshop for employers to learn about the MArides/Vride program. MA-DOT is looking for companies to partner with on a program that gives companies another employee benefit option that offers a low cost alternative to driving to work. To attend, please contact Scott Percifull at 978-534-1481 X209 or email to